Ruby And Ginger Cosy Car Seat Cover

rubyAndGingerCosyCarSeatCover 'The Teenagers' were both born in November so it was snowsuits all the way whenever I wanted to take them out. What a faff that was and if it was blowing a gale and raining, the wind would take their breath away.

So I tried covering their little stage 0 car seats with a blanket which invariably blew off, or flapped around, and became more of a token gesture against the elements rather than anything practical.

Whilst mooching around internet land, looking for baby/kid things to show you, I came across this rather fabulous Ruby and Ginger cosy car seat cover at

It's genius, in my opinion, and solves the snowsuit, flappy blanket problem I had 16 years ago - there was NOTHING like this around in those days (oh the horror, I sounded just like my mum then!)

It has a 3 tog rating so  you won't need to dress your baby up like a mini Scott of the Anatarctic to take them out.

If it's just cool then  use it on it's own with them just dressed in normal clothes, or with a blanket over THEM under the Ruby and Ginger cosy car seat cover when it's the middle of winter.

When you're inside out of the cold weather you can just whip the cover off leaving your baby undisturbed if they're sleeping, rather than trying to wrestle them out of all their winter clothes.

There's no discount to be had just the full rrp of £25, which I don't think is too bad actually, and it comes in different colours and patterns too.

If you're newly expecting and are going to join the winter baby gang then I'd put this Ruby and Ginger cosy car seat cover on your 'MUST HAVE' list; trust me, it'll be worth it's weight in gold.

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  • whyz
    i was going to order the car seat cover, as i thought it was very tempting with the supposedly discount price of 15 pund when going into the order there was no discount it was the rec price of 25 pound, who is duping who.

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