NEW Gruffalo River Ride & Gruffalo Themed Rooms Coming To Chessington

7 January 2017
The Gruffalo Comes To Chessington!

Gruffalo fans have somewhere new that they have to visit this summer, as The Gruffalo is coming to Chessington World Of Adventures! There is a brand new Gruffalo River Ride, and new Gruffalo themed rooms at the hotel to stay in! How amazing does that sound?

The new Gruffalo River Ride will be the first in the world to feature Julia Donaldson's beloved characters, and it opens in March 2017. You get to join Mouse on a magical riverboat journey through the deep dark wood with twists and turns as you go through the magical wood.

The new fully themed Gruffalo bedrooms are available to book now at the Chessington Safari Hotel, and there are plenty of special offers when you stay like a second day in the park for free and early access to the rides.

The new Gruffalo ride and rooms are bound to be a huge hit with visitors, so if you want to get one of those amazing bedrooms to stay in early booking is advised.

I would love to take the kids, and if we lived a little closer I would definitely be making a trip to Chessington. Will you be hopping on the Gruffalo River Ride this summer?


  • Louise P.

    Wow! This looks brilliant :blush: xXx

  • Pippa C.

    I know someone who would like this

  • Laura C.

    I know! Lilly would love it x

  • Kayley C.

    yes it's like the waterworks!! Xzx

    • Georgia-sarah C.

      Yeah it looks really good xxx

  • Claire M.

    omg!!! the kids birthdays? xx

  • Kristabel B.

    I cannot believe the price of the rooms. An absolute joke

    • Vix B.

      I thought the same - could do a weekend at Disneyland Paris for similar amount!

    • Kristabel B.

      Its unreal. So annoyed as was genuinly gunna book it for my daughter birthday in june but sod that

    • Vix B.

      Ha, ditto- for my little boys birthday, also in June! Oh well :rolling_eyes:

    • Paula M.

      Cbeebies land hotel at alton towers is the same ridiculous price!! What families with young children can afford to pay that it's scandalous! :angry:

  • Katie S.

    I saw this . Bet it's where the bubble works was x

  • Lucy D.

    Bet it's sooo expensive ! Xxx

  • Joanne X.

    Yeah probs I wanna go on the water ride :joy::joy: xx

  • Jake G.

    This looks awesome! We have to go x

  • Chris C.

    That looks so much better than the bubble works x

  • Lucy D.

    The room is expensive but for a ticket it's not too bad xxx

  • David P.

    We saw this advertised on tv the other day, Archie wants to go xxxx

  • Kelly M.

    This looks amazing!! We should go x

  • Becci G.

    This is quite possibly the best thing I have ever seen

  • Michelle H.

    Aw Logan said about this I didn't know how he knew! It looks great x

  • Maureen J.

    this was advertised on tele over xmas I think

  • Natalie W.

    Omg this looks awesome :smiley: xx

  • Catherine H.

    Bubbleworks was better :pensive:

  • Kelley H.

    Wow,this looks fantastic x

  • Natalie R.

    :persevere::sob: well arent you a ray of sunshine

  • Katy G.

    No way! Il still miss the bubble works xx

  • Nikki C.

    We was talking about going new years day lol with the boys I think it was their suggestion for the list xx

  • Sarah B.

    £535.37 for 2 adults and 2 kids 1 night stay in Gruffalos room 2 days in park

  • Jade P.

    Looks great doesnt it, Shame it's a 4 hour drive away!! Xxx

  • Lauren C.

    I saw this on the advert the other day. We will definitely be taking him to this xx

  • Jodie A.

    It's waaayyy down south! Prob a 6 hour drive! Xx

  • Penny C.

    Loved the Bubbleworks !! One of the 1 rides my family of 5 can go on together :blush:.

  • Kimberley T.

    I've not looked at the prices yet have any of u x

  • Daniel C.

    I no where I'm going in the summer sure Calvin wud love it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Kelley H.

    I know , wonder what the prices are like to stay can't be much different to alton towers xx

  • Amy H.

    Yayyy!!!! Definitely gonna go! X

  • Amanda D.

    Scrap that - £500 for one night!!!! :scream_cat:

  • Chris C.

    The bubble works was good but it was looking dated xx

  • Courtney N.

    Oh my god would love this

  • Daniel C.

    Oh stop obsessed wit it he is . Has outfits the dvds books n teddy he's mad for it

  • Stacey W.

    Don't even! :sob: it's such a trek though x

  • Jes H.

    Omg saw this advertise on telle earlier. Layla wud loveeeee it xxxxxx

  • Emma P.

    I said the bubbleworks would stay a water ride!! I'm going to mention it to Ian later about us going, might go for mine or the girls birthdays!!

  • Kimberley T.

    No lie just did a random day for 2 adults and one child... nearly £500!!! C

  • Pippa C.

    I think we should go - sod the kids :joy:

  • Jade P.

    Just looked and for two nights mid week for two adults two kids is £360 xxx

  • Nikki H.

    Ooooo love this!!! Def going to try and fit in a visit this year!

  • Stephanie H.

    Oh they would love this x thinking of doing delamere forest with the boys and doing a bear hunt x

  • Sharon W.

    Wow grace would love this too.. our next Sunday school trip! Xx

  • Lena F.

    Ooh looks great! I'm sure they do a daytime toddler pass now where you can go for like £20. I'll check with my friend who told me! Roll on summer x

  • Jade P.

    Yeah Dylan would be made up! Xxx

  • Michelle M.

    Ahh that looks good, I thought the new ride was suppose to be nothing like it

  • Joanne T.

    Legoland do a toddler pass so I wouldn't be surprised if Chessington so the same. It looks fab, the hotel room is mega expensive! Xx

  • Chelsee F.

    We saw this advertised on tv it looks amazing you an sleep over in a gruffalo bedroom :heart_eyes::grin: we want to look in to prices for their birthdays bet it's well expensive xx

  • Lauren R.

    Cute! We will have to go back again then! X

  • Joanne T.

    That's ridiculous! I was thinking about something like that for a wee treat before the new baby comes for the 3 of us but at £400+ for a night I'll not be bothering!! X

  • Lyn W.

    Think I know where we are going this summer! She would be beside herself! X

  • Kelly B.

    Only down past London :joy:

  • Kelly M.

    I think i'll give the Gruffalo room a miss. I put a random date in outside of the hols and was £200 for the 4 of us for 1 night in one of the hotels and 2 days in the park for us all so wasnt too bad really as 2 days park tickets for us all would be about that....especially when you compare with places like Alton towers and it has a zoo and Sealife centre...animal character meet and greets...early park access....swimming pool xx

  • Clare D.

    I saw this the other day! Half term?xx

  • Clare B.

    I looked at this the other day, looks good!

  • Teresa A.

    Looks like boozy barrel ride at pets corner, love it x

  • Ashleigh M.

    This would be amazing!! X

  • Leanne H.

    Wowsa that would be class x

  • Lauren C.

    I know :grinning: I like the look of this!!! Xx

  • Kelly D.

    Ahhh lol sounds good to me xxx

  • Cara P.

    Awww Eve's would love that lol xx

  • Gemma C.

    Oh my goodness !!!!!!!!! This is so exciting! X

  • Emma W.

    Bring back the bubble works!

  • Polly B.

    I know!!!! I want to go! I may even consider taking the kids!

  • Ethan G.

    OMG!!! This looks amazing - mum's already looking at booking!! :joy::joy:

  • Rhiannon W.

    Expensive tho to stay over night xxx

  • Michelle B.

    I know it's ace it's where bubble works was

  • Gemma H.

    Just priced a 2 night stay in MARCH for THURSDAY and Friday and it was £995!!!!! :scream: ridiculous! Xxx apparently that's with 30% off too!

  • Louise A.

    Omg! Mum is looking into this now as everything the advert comes on Hugo's says he wants to go

  • Rhiannon W.

    One just came up at £430 :laughing: for one night! Xxx

  • Ryan S.

    We need to go, I don't even care if we take the kids :joy:

  • Rachel E.

    OMG!!!!! Now I'm not even mad about the bubbleworks! Can't wait :sob:

  • Kayleigh M.

    Yeah glad it's still a family ride x

  • Lydia L.

    We're very excited about this!

  • Lucy Y.

    Oh yes, we already looked at distance and costs!!! X

  • Tasha B.

    They've got gruffalo rooms at the hotel aswell

  • Claire F.

    Never been to chessington

  • Katie P.

    Ooo looks fun will have to take all the kids they will love it xxxx

  • Emma P.

    It must be replacing bubble works xxx yeah defo we're have to wait a few years coz they couldn't go on much xxxxx

  • Sarah J.

    Ooooh something to look into xx

  • Debra S.

    Omg :astonished:Eva would absolutely love this :heart_eyes: we will have to defo arrange a trip hear in spring/summer :thumbsup_tone1: xxxx

  • Melanie V.

    This had made Rufus very excited!!!

  • Melanie V.

    the room and entry in august is £550!!!!! :scream:

  • Jane E.

    OMG I've been looking mega want to go. It's 400 plus for just one night tho :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Zoe P.

    Aw.. it's the same with the new cbeebies hotel in alton towers. We'd love to take ruby-mai there but seriously who would pay that for one night! xx

  • Jane E.

    Exactly too much for only one night. Mega gutted I checked as soon as i saw it advertised lol xxxx

  • Jasmine I.

    This makes bubble work leaving not so bad:joy: looks awesome

  • Sara-jo B.

    She saw it on telly and said "lets go now mummy" then grabbed my hand :smile:

  • Amy F.

    I see this advertised on tele x

  • Sam I.

    Need a weekend there again :thinking:

  • Jodie S.

    Haha yeah it looks aaaaaace

  • Jasmine I.

    Love weekends away to chessington!!

  • Stacey H.

    Defo jack want go here for birthday

  • Kayleigh W.

    thats further than I thought, better stay in a themed room :joy: xx

  • Kim L.

    Neve would love this :heart:

  • Cassie H.

    Omg!! I would love this!! It looks awesome xx

  • Leanne D.

    Don't! They saw it on the tv and it's all I've heard about :see_no_evil:

  • Caroline Q.

    Yer it has replaced bubble works

  • Kimberley T.

    Yeah it's too much the gruffalo room x

  • Anouska C.

    They do gruffalo rooms in the hotel!!

  • Kim M.

    Omg Amelia would love that.xx

  • Gillian F.

    God.. next holiday lol xx

  • Sarah H.

    £500 for one night. There having a laugh.

  • Kelly M.

    Looks really good but dont think many ppl would pay that for 1 night xx

  • Gary C.

    What is it for kids? Need to reevaluate my Amazing!!

  • Rachel C.

    I know i do want to go on the ride it sounds amazing xx

  • Lou T.

    Omg she would love that! Xx

  • Becki I.

    But it's not the Bubbleworks is it. :cry:

  • Shell H.

    I didn't get to go to chessington this year :unamused:

  • Lisa A.

    I liked the sound of the gruffalo hotel room.....till I saw the price!!x

  • Laura H.

    Kenzie would love that xx

  • Lindsay J.

    Omg :heart_eyes: he certainly would!!

  • Vicky P.

    I've love to go they even do Gruffalo hotel rooms but it's expensive and is it quite far away xx

  • Laura B.

    Omg! :joy: that looks amazing, shame it's so far away xxx

  • Jayde R.

    It's always for me and not the kids aha :joy::joy:X

  • Claire S.

    I know this already hahahah x

  • Anne P.

    Yes it has!!!!! We're already planning a visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: xxx

  • Jayne B.

    I know.....I've never been so excited!! Ha ha! Gonna go in April but gruffalo room is ridiculously expensive :disappointed: xx

  • Debbie L.

    Ha I'd love to go though a bit too far :disappointed_relieved:

  • Rachel C.

    We should so book it when it opens x

  • Andrea L.

    Gutted we're at Bluestone then

  • Kerry S.

    Think they have a gruffalo themed room too x

  • Sarah D.

    Omg they would love it. Kody isn't even scared of him. X

  • Hayley A.

    Oh my goodness- molls would LOVE this (so would I lol) xx

  • Sheila L.

    What about me? I've read the gruffalo too many times to our grandkids to miss going Chessington again. X

  • Mel A.

    Omg let's go in the summer!! We could spend the weekend there xx

  • Nadine D.

    Wooowwww i would love to go!! Xx

  • Georgi G.

    May def have to do this in the summer Brayden would love it xx

  • Prabhakar T.

    Damian would've really loved it. I was half way through booking it when I saw the price of the room. It's a joke! May just opt for a day ticket.

  • Sarah N.

    Can we go? I'll take the kiddies xx

  • Mikeala J.

    We should def all go this season xx

  • Michelle T.

    Ah we saw the advert for this on the telly today, leo went mad lol! We made owl ice cream out of his recipe book today, it was yummy, even eva loved it x

  • Brooke P.

    This opens in march. Samson would love it! X

  • Jennifer M.

    Thanks Hun!!! I know someone that will enjoy that!! X

  • Jo L.

    Oh my gosh! He'd love this!!!

  • Laura D.

    Absolutely!!!!!! That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily L.

    Oh my lord!! :scream::scream::heart_eyes:

  • Alison M.

    Would love this with my boys xx:blue_heart::blue_heart:

  • Miranda H.

    Looks good, but it won't be the same as bubbleworks :tired_face: x

  • Katy D.

    I think we need to arrange a day to go here

  • Louisa F.

    Yesss, I'll keep my :eyes: on the lookout :grinning:

  • Miranda H.

    It's £500 for 2x adults and 2x children in the gruffalo room. And £200 in standard room! Who is that bothered to have a themed room for an extra £300??? Ridiculous! X

  • Lucy S.

    Was this the bubble works and they changed it to gruffelo

  • Victoria T.

    Wow! :heart_eyes: this sounds fab! Xx

  • Dominique P.

    This looks like it wil be so fun, logan is Gruffalo obsessed :see_no_evil: Xxx

  • Natalie H.

    I saw this the other day, think they are doing deals we should look. Boys would love it x

  • Jenny B.

    Oooh that's exciting! But the gruffalo peering over you while you sleep?? :joy:

  • Tracy H.

    Yeah I saw it in tv earlier looks good xx

  • Katie J.

    £530 for 2adults, 2kids & for 1 night in themed room!!!! I dont think so!!!!!!

  • Laura O.

    That's a bit steep I really want go Alton towers CBeebies world it's 400 for first day at CBeebies world then stay over and a day at splash world supposed by excellent think but it seems expensive x

  • Jennifer P.

    Looks really good!!! The kiddies will love it x

  • Nicky S.

    I won't mind going on this looks gentle enough

  • Claire P.

    Oh wow, one to consider! He would love it! xx

  • Kim M.

    Oh my fab is that!!

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