Holidays From £10 Per Person @ Break Free

Holidays From £10 Per Person!

Looking to book a family holiday? How about if it costs from £10 per person? If you don't want to wait to collect the Sun tokens then Break Free have opened their £10 holiday booking and they have the same great prices and parks as the famous Sun Holiday offer.

It's a similar offer to the Sun Holidays, in that you can get a three or four night UK break from just £10 per person based on a family of four sharing. You would normally need to collect the code words from your local paper but we are printing them here so you don't have to buy the paper.

Here are the code words you need: LOLLY, HOLIDAY, SAND, SWIM.

The holidays are UK caravan and chalet breaks at resorts like Butlins, Haven and Park Resorts and there are lots of dates to choose from. This offer is for Autum and Spring breaks so it is ideal for those with pre-school children, and it also includes the October half term.

Depending on the dates and parks you choose the prices are from £10 per person for, up to £40 per person if you choose Super Plus Accommodation, so you can go as cheap and cheerful as you like, or treat yourself for a fraction of the price it would normally cost.

Different parks may have extras to add on to your holiday like Service Charges or Entertainment Passes, but there are some weeks where these charges are waived, so the more flexible you can be the better the bargain you can get.

I used this offer earlier in the year and took an Easter break at a Haven caravan park and even with the upgrades it was about half the price compared to booking direct with Haven. You arrange any extras you want with the park themselves, so we paid and extra £15 to upgrade from a 2 bed caravan to a 3 bed one so we had tons of space for the four of us.

When you make a booking you need to specify which paper you got the codes from, so perhaps it makes sense to just choose your nearest one (that's what I did). There's a list on the site so you just need to pick one.

Happy holidays!

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  • Nichole T.

    Thanks xx

  • Tracey R.

    haven park haggerston on this

  • Chrissy G.

    oh it is haven!! really cheap :)

  • Jenny H.

    Has anyone been on one of these tempting

  • Em M.

    this is a good idea xxxx

  • Dawn B.

    some good deals on here for a weekend / few days away x

  • Nikki N.

    Lol on it now just found the one we were about to book so much cheaper we're going to Devon in September x

  • Sylvia H.

    Does a 22 month old baby count as a person to pay? Many thanks

  • Vicky B.

    That sound's good :blush:

  • Tara C.

    a little wkend away with kids ?

  • Julie G.

    they are available to book now if you guys are interested. Just booked for September x

  • Bett B.

    I would be up for that :-)

  • Stuart S.

    Not a lot for us during school holidays unfortunately. Down side to being a teacher!

  • Jade C.

    Is anyone else gaving trouble getting search results? I searched originally, had 8 ish results. When i went back a couple of minutes later and did the same search again, i got no results :/

    • Maria G.

      Keep trying, I had the same thing just went right back to the start and it was ok

  • Luke S.

    Thank you:grin:

  • Sian H.

    I'll prob book this up tonight!! x

  • Kath D.

    Sounds good x

  • Gail S.

    , this is the deal I went to the caravan on this year.

  • Jade K.

    just checked they got haven Burnham on Sea for October school holidays £53

  • Sian H.

    We have booked. Max it'll cost is £118 for the week. Cheap as chips. It's only a £40 deposit too x

  • Jodi K.

    .... You don't even have to buy the Sun to get this one!

  • Abigail C.

    we book the haven holidays through this every year. Well worth the money x x

  • Sian H.

    this is what we booked through

    • Tania M.

      Oh ok, Fanx I'll have a look X

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