GoVinci Trunki Back Pack £9.99 @ Trunki

GoVinci Trunki Back Pack £9.99 @ Trunki

goVinciTrunkiBackPackIf you go over to Trunki you can pick up a GoVinci Trunki back packfor half price - £9.99 instead of £19.99.

We know a lot about GoVinci Trunki back packs here at PlayPennies: we've REVIEWED them, written deals for them and given away two in, what proved to be, one of our most popular competitions.

If there's something we don't know about the GoVinci back pack then it's just not worth knowing!

If you've never encountered one of these back packs before then let me see if I can explain it as simply as possible for you - it's a rigid back pack that has soft little 'ears' on the top and one side of it is a wipe-clean drawing table for your child to lean on.

This drawing surface also doubles up as a frame, allowing your child to personalise their GoVinci and display their current favourite piece of artwork.

Now this might sound a bit pointless and 'odd' to us grown-ups, but be assured that kids LOVE IT!

GoVinici Trunki back packs are available in pink of blue and delivery will cost you an additional £3.05, unless you spend over £50 when it becomes free.

Thanks to lexieoo at HUKD


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