Family & Friends Railcard Discount Code: 25% Off

18 January 2011

Family & Friends Railcard

Use this Family & Friends Railcard promotional code to get 25% off. This offer reduces the price of a one year card from £26 to ££19.50.

Click here to get 25% off your Family & Friends railcard

  • Discount: 25%
  • Promotional code: Money25
  • Expires: 4th March 2011

To use this code, click on the link above, then on Buy Now. On the Railcard Type page, enter the code in the promotional code box.

A Family & Friends Railcard lasts for a year (there's also a three year option when you buy online but the voucher code doesn't apply to that). With a card, you can get discounts on tickets for two adults and up to four children. Specifically up to a third for adults and 60% for children. However, you need to be travelling with at least one child. The adults and children do not have to be related.

The only restriction is on peak times - you can't use it to buy discounted tickets during the morning rush.

I love travelling by train. Partly because I get so travel sick in buses and coaches. But also because it is an adventure for children. There's something that's just that little bit more fun about being in a train. Also, it is preferable in many instances to travelling by car, once you factor in parking costs. And congestion charges if you're visiting London.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!

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