Drayton Manor Tickets £19 @ Groupon

Drayton Manor Tickets £19 @ Groupon

Groupon have an offer on today with tickets to Drayton Manor - and Thomas Land! - for £19. Read on before you rush off and buy though, because there are some conditions that can see you spending more money than you need to. The major 'catch' to keep in mind is that this offer has to be redeemed before the end of June, or you lose your tickets.

Tickets for Drayton Manor, if bought ahead of time from their website, are £25 for adults, which is an automatic and usual saving on the £39 at the gate.

Children over 4 pay £20 online for access, so for anyone four or over, the Groupon offer is the cheapest. For children 2-3, however, Drayton Manor charges £5 at the gate, so you should not buy a Groupon to cover their entry or you'll be over paying. You can also purchase these online before the day, to bypass the queue, but this comes with a £3.50 surcharge for online booking, which is a bit annoying.

You will also have to pay £3 for parking, which again can be done online or there.

On the full adult price, you save £6 per person, which isn't huge, but it does add up if there are a few of you going or if you normally buy at the gate.



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