Design Your Own Trunki

Design Your Own Trunki

Design Your Own TrunkiDid you know that you can design your own Trunki? I think that's pretty cool, and will certainly prevent any confusions or mix ups at the airport when you next go on holiday.

If you don't know the Trunki, it's a simply awesome bit of luggage for toddlers. It's a suitcase on wheels, that kids can actually use as a ride-on (with caution) - we've had a few accidents racing to the check-in desk, but at least it's not far to fall, so it's never been a problem.

Space wise there's plenty room for everything a child needs on a long-haul flight, (we've done Western Australia twice in two years) and more than enough for a local weekend break, or just a day trip to Nan's.

  • To design your own Trunki, click here to go to the website* and select start designing now

You'll have 10 options for colours to choose from for each part of the Trunki, and can make it as colourful or as simple as you like. Your Trunki will be made specially for you, to the same safety standards and specifications as regular Trunki's and will be sent out in 7 - 10 days.

Designing your own Trunki is £39.99 with free delivery, so the price isn't even that much more than buying a regular Trunki off the shelf.

Have fun getting creative on your personalised Trunki!



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