Complete Camping Cookset £25.00 @ Halfords

8 July 2010

Calling all camping conossieurs and festival fruitcakes!

Personally, I'm a hotel kind of girl! If I'm going away I want to stay somewhere where I don't have to do all the things I normally do at home, but in a MUCH smaller space, with the most minimum of equipment and everyone still expecting a three-course banquet!

camping However, I'm often assured that this is all part of the 'fun'!  Well if you say so, and so for your bargain-hunting delight here is a GREAT camping cookset at a great price from Halfords - they've reduced it down from £59.99 to just £25.00.

It contains all of the following bits and pieces:

  • 1 x durable rucksack to store and carry all items
  • 1 x portable gas stove
  • 4 x pans
  • 3 x cooking utensils
  • 4 x plastic food containers

It's a shame I don't 'do' camping really;  I almost feel I'm missing out, this is such a bargain! But there will never be a deal good enough to persuade me that an a'la carte menu and room service aren't much more civilised.

If your local Halfords has this in stock (you can check on the website) you can reserve and collect it for free, otherwise you can buy it online and have it delivered for £4.99.

Happy camping!

Thanks to taswir1 over at HUKD!

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