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Campingaz I'm going camping in a couple of weeks and have just ordered this stove. It is on sale at Amazon for £29.95, and delivery is free with Amazon Prime. It's normally priced at £69.99. After deliberating for quite a while, I opted for this stove for three reasons. It was cheap, it has two burners so you can cook more than one thing at once, and it will take generic gas cylinders.

Reading the reviews, you need to get a gas regulator for this stove, it doesn't necessarily come with one. That's not a bad thing as you can buy a gas regulator with a butane or propane gas cylinder at any store. From the reviews it would seem that the Calor 4.5 cylinder is much cheaper and lasts much longer than the Campingaz one.

As well as two burners, there's a grill on this. According to the user comments, it is enough to toast a single slice of bread. If you're using the grill pan though, most recommend finding something to raise the pan up with - one person used a can of beans, another a brick. There's also a trick to getting a really low flame if you just want to simmer a little bit. One reviewer suggests lighting the burner on high, then turning slightly back to the off position.

The general consensus is this is an easy to use, and importantly, easy to clean stove. I've also ordered the carry case for this, as recommended on the site by most of the reviewers.

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