Blue And Green Trunki Tote Bags £5 @ Amazon

Amazon have blue and green coloured Trunki Tote Bags on offer for £5. They're reduced from £12.99 and have Amazon's standard free delivery option.

I actually just bought one of these, because I love our Trunki and it's been well used, but toys falling out of it is a potential problem when you open a stuffed Trunki and it can be a bit of a pain on a flight - one of those things you didn't really realise was a pain until you found out there was a solution for it. Brilliant.

The Tote Bag fits inside one half of the Trunki so you could have clothes and books in one half and all the toys packed into the tote on the other side. Perfect.

Alternatively you can clip it around the car seat in front of children and get them - at least try to get them - to keep their car toys tidy. It's also useful if you need to have toys in the car and when you're traveling. It's a lot easier to take a bag into Granny's house than to fish around under the drivers seat for something to entertain the smalls.

A most useful looking product. Can't wait to try it out!

Thanks to tasmir1 at HUKD

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