Bernard Bee Trunki £25 @ Amazon

1 September 2010

bee1 If you don't fancy a Gruffalo Trunki then, as far as I'm concerned, the Bernard Bee Trunki is the way to go - I think he's a very funky Trunki indeed!

We love Trunkis here at PlayPennies and we've spent many a happy hour or two musing over how you could get maximum use out of a grown up version - before you get excited, there isn't a grown up version yet, perhaps we should launch a campaign!

You see, Trunkis are kids suitcases with horns and wheels so they can scoot along (or be towed by you) on them down the road on the way to the station, and through the airport terminal whilst you're waiting for your flight.

Being kiddy sized they conform to the current hand luggage size restriction - a grown up version would not and you'd have to send it on its way to the baggage hold as soon as you checked in at the airport, not much grown up scooting around the terminal building to be had in that case and where's the fun if you can't scoot!

bee2I recently flew out of Heathrow and was VERY disappointed not to have spotted on Trunki on my travels - the world's children need MORE Trunkis!

Bernard Bee Trunki should be £34.99 but is currently up for grabs at Amazon for £25 - I'd grab him whilst this price is hot if I were you.

Thanks to lauraajikin over at HUKD!

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