Benny The Cat Trunki £29.99 Delivered (With Code) @ Trunki

16 September 2014

trunki benny the cat

We have all seen Trunkis before, in many different designs. I, personally haven't seen this one before and that's because it's Trunki online exclusive. Stand out from the Trunki kids at the airports with this Benny The Cat version of the famous wheeled luggage. Benny The Cat costs £39.99, ouch but never fear, we would never tell you to buy it at that price, oh heck no! Use coupon code mumsnet25 and get a very generous 25% off, that's £10 to you and me. This means for only £29.99 you can get the rare Benny The Cat Trunki with FREE delivery.

What is so special about Benny The Cat? And why make a cat Trunki? It's because Rob Law (the inventor of Trunki) has a cat called Benny, and he designed this feline version as a present to his pregnant partner. Awwwww! I am not sure it would be advisable to ride one of these when carry child...okay I joke.

Let me tell you another little awww fact about this Trunki, for every purchase of the Benny The Cat £2 is donated to Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue ( the place where Benny the REAL cat came from). Now I am not a huge lover of the feline species, but I just love the sentiment behind this creation.

It is of standard Trunki structure and quality, and has even been awarded five stars on the Trunki site. Check out the photos at the bottom of the page, especially the kitten one. They are hilarious.

Why not nip over to our vouchers section where you can find coupon code mumsnet25 and oodles more.


  • Cbeil1982
    Do you ship to the usa? I'm trying to purchase the Benny the cat trunki but it is only sold in the uk.
  • Karen M EDITOR
    Do you ship to the usa? I'm trying to purchase the Benny the cat trunki but it is only sold in the uk.
    Hi :) If you wanted to place an order you'd have to contact Trunki directly, by clicking the blue link above. Good luck!

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