Anniversary Limited Edition Trunki Quinn £18.88 @ Babame

Anniversary Limited Edition Trunki Quinn £18.88 @ Babame

We haven't had a good Trunki deal for ages - this one is slightly different in that there are only 5,000 of them!

Trunki are five years old - can you believe it! - and to celebrate they've produced the Limited Edition Trunki Quinn.

Quinn is green and orange AND translucent (should that float your proverbial boat) and each one will be stamped with their own unique number.

The rrp for the Trunki Quinn is £34.99 but Babame are selling him for £18.88, with an additional £2.95 for delivery.

Just in case you're not familiar with the superhero of the kid's luggage world, let me fill you in.

The Trunki made it's very first appearance on Dragon's Den - a kiddy suitcase with wheels and a pull-along strap so that kids can tow or scoot along on their Trunki rather than carry it.

The Dragons turned it down; I bet they wish they hadn't as the Trunki became a worldwide success.

It's small enough to conform with the current hand luggage restrictions; it appeals massively to kids and the scooting or towing part isn't just for gimmick purposes, it means they don't put unnecessary strain on their little bodies carrying heavy bags.

Remember, this Trunki is limited to 5,000 and once they're all gone...they're all gone.

Thanks to sarahnorwich at HUKD


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