An Answer To All Your Prayers? Hertz Introduces The Colour-In Car

An Answer To All Your Prayers? Hertz Introduces The Colour-In Car

Do you constantly tear your hair out at the mess the kids leave the car in? We have something to show you that might just remedy that. Car Rental Specialists, Hertz bring you the world’s first colouring-in car. No, I am being serious here - it's a car that you can let the kids loose in, with a felt tips!

Basically, the car is upholstered with the designs of a Colouring Book and it can be 'coloured in' as you travel to your destination.

It's a great idea when you think of how 'bored' the kids are as soon as you start a journey anywhere. Mine even do it on a two minute drive to the supermarket. So, it entertains them, but 'colouring in' is also thought to be rather relaxing too - does that mean no more fighting?

I get the thinking behind this but it does leave me feeling a bit uneasy - will the kids now expect this in our own car at home? Will they annoy me even more because the green pen has rolled under the passenger seat?

These special, child-friendly cars are literally like a Colouring In Book from seats to ceiling.

How to get your hands on one? A trial run starts in August from the Hertz London Heathrow branch and if it's a success then it'll be rolled out to others.

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Reply to
  • Keeley L.

    Looks like an April fool!

    • Roxanne B.

      who needs DVD players? How much do you reckon we could cover in 2hrs :wink::wink:

      • Dawn D.

        let's find another driver then :grinning::grinning::grinning:

        • Roxanne B.

          I know someone from Birmingham that goes to same place I'm sure they have enough seats :joy::joy:

        • Sara C.

          Mmm all fun & games until they get back into their own car & start colouring the seats :rolling_eyes:

        • Sarah D.

          dad would have heart failure

          • Joe S.

            All good until they start wrecking every car they get into :joy::joy:

            • Ĺynz �.

              Wits wrong with a colouring book ?

              • Lorna M.

                And when they are strapped in this is gonna work how??

                • Richard H.

                  Then they jump into some else's car and draw all over it :joy:

                  • Heather D.

                    Everyone who gets in your car comes out looking badly tattooed at the back...or the little darlings get hold of sharpies either way terrible idea...

                    • Shannon T.

                      I woukdbt be happy :joy::joy:

                      • Kate P.

                        What a stupid idea! They're not going to be able to reach to colour, while they're strapped into their car seats, and why would they need to be entertained in a parked car? Surely, everyone would get out of the car when it reached its destination and do something more interesting!

                        • Amy J.

                          This is a shit idea kids make enough mess already in my car!

                          • Rebekah W.

                            And when they colour out the lines the car will have to be crushed :joy:Because people with OCD could not handle this!

                            • Tancie K.

                              Our kids would draw on themselves :joy::joy::joy:

                              • Blair C.

                                Never mind the kids will keep me entertained

                                • Ej T.

                                  whoever came up with this is an idiot!

                                  • Claire D.

                                    This teaches them nothing

                                    • Claire R.

                                      I know a grown up who would love this too Tamm. X

                                      • Anne M.

                                        Ridiculous...why encourage graffiti. Entertain your children yourself on the journey.

                                        • Mandi C.

                                          So what happens when u hand the car back if it's been fully coloured in? Does it get ditched? Re-Upholstered? That's not going to be cheap. Besides the obvious 'how are they going to reach the rest of the car while strapped into car seats' and 'then they will think it's ok to colour in mums creme leather interior on the family car' How much is this actually going to keep them amused. If other kids are anything like my kids they get bored within 5 seconds and are asking me to colour in the rest of the picture for them...