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adventureHolidaysForChildren PGL run activity holidays for children - they are GREAT, I'll tell you more about them in a minute - and this Easter you'll get two activity holidays for children for the price of just ONE; marvellous!

Years and years, and then a few more years, ago I used to go away on PGL activity holidays with my mum and dad. We'd all choose different activites to do and go our own separate ways for the day, you see PGL stands for Parents Get Lost!

Actually it doesn't, it stands for Peter Gordon Lawrence who set up these activity holidays for children w a y back in 1957 - although the PGL leaders will lead your child to believe that PGL stands for Pretty Good Looking (them, yeah right!).

For the last lots of years though, it really does seem like the PGL activity holidays for children really DOES mean parents get lost; you drop your child off at their chosen camp destination, you leave them there to have an absolute BLAST and go and get some peace and quiet without them for 4 or 7 nights.

My teenagers went on these PGL activity holidays for children for years; they loved every single minute of all the things they did and the new friends they made whilst they were there.

If you have more than one child it can get pretty expensive to send them both away, but this year if you book ONE of these PGL activity holidays for children they'll give you another one for FREE.

HURRAH! Peace and quiet for a week over Easter for, technically, half the price.

By the way...if you only happen to have one child then you could send away your little angel - aged between 7 and 17 - with their best friend and split the cost of the one holiday with the best friend's parents.

All the terms and conditions, camp locations and everything you could possibly wish to know about these activity holidays for children are on the PGL website.

Prices vary from location to location but for 7 nights you're looking at about £400 - this includes everything: food, accommodation, all activities, insurance, the whole sheebang.

Thanks to juseas at HUKD

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