5 Night Summer Camp For 10-19 Year Olds £49

8 July 2010

camp I know I'm not the only person in the world with older children as well as a little one; the l-o-n-g six weeks of the summer holidays are beginning to loom large on the horizon and one of the best solutions I've found to retaining some summer holiday sanity is to ship the kids OFF somewhere else!

If your kids are too young for this at the moment, maybe you know someone with older kids - pass this on, they'll thank you for it.

This is how it works - there are lots of camps scattered all over the country that offer different activites and cater for different age ranges. You choose the one that suits your child the best and book your place.

This is what your £49 covers:

  • 5 nights away from home
  • 4 days full of activities like quad biking, paint balling, archery, filmmaking, kayaking, choreography and loads more!
  • Return transport
  • All meals
  • Separate camps for different age ranges
  • From £49 per person

My big kids have been on similar acvtivity holidays for the last several years and they absolutely LOVE it! They get to be away from me, every day is action-packed, they get to make new friends and come home exhausted and very happy.

Go and read all about it over at the Youth Hostel Association website (it's so cheap because they're subsided by the Government - in case you were wondering) and places will fill up FAST so don't mess around, get over there pronto!

Thanks to The Plod over at HUKD!

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  • Vonnie
    Sold out already!
  • Sarah K.
    BOOO! Oh that's a shame - thanks for letting us know Vonnie.

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