£3 Sale At Ryanair!

25 April 2010


The dust has settled (hardeharhar) according to Ryanair and they are now selling three million tickets for a mere £3. Yes folks, if you ever wanted to leap on a plane for no other reason than you happen to have £3 lying around, then this is your moment.

The deal finishes tomorrow so it’s best you nab your flights right this very minute. Right now. Immediately. For only £3 there’s very little to think about, is there? Although I must point out that they are only one way, that they don’t include optional fees and charges..

Right, so the places these flights are going to include Aarhus, Belfast, Billund, Bologna, Bremen, Dublin, Bremen, Figari, Ciudad Real, Genoa, Glasgow, Kerry, Oslo and plenty more. If you want to go to places like Gran Canary you’ll have to fork out an enormous £29.99 (hahaha).

Go on, grab a flight or five, you’re worth it.


  • deedee
    Ryanair! I'd rather take a pedalo across the channel
  • Steve
    If I book a flight the airline has agreed to directive EU261. Ryanair only after an event are trying to remove passenger's rights, and break their contract. This is the only company I won't deal with no matter how cheap.
  • rowly
    will never fly again with these no matter how cheap.. when they offered my a scratch card in place of actual change from the purchase of a bottle of wine it broke the camels back!!
  • Rob
    It will still end up costing you £100.
  • james d.
    No it will end up costing YOU £100, not me.
  • Heidi S.
    I've just booked flights for a family of 4 for £64, and another flight for 1 person for £16 return - just to counter the perspective here!
  • magicbeans
    not bad if trvelling as a couple/on ur own. not family friendly

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