Annual Individual/Family Passes £119/£99 Each To Merlin Attractions

Annual Individual/Family Passes £119/£99 Each To Merlin Attractions


Holidays abroad are super but travelling long distances with kids can be gruelling and tarnish the experience for everyone. Staying in the UK doesn't have to be boring, in fact this country has great places of entertainment to offer like Legoland and Alton Towers. Those places can be extortionate and if you choose to visit a few of them then it can leave you penniless.

If you do tend to visit Merlin Attractions in particular or are planning to in 2015, then it's worth considering an Annual Pass. It so happens that they are at at a special price just now too. The Individual Annual Pass Was £169 now £119 and if you are buying several passes you get them at the Family rate of £99 each instead of £129.

The premium pass is on offer too at £149 for the Individual one and £119 for the family. This carries absolutely no restrictions to entry of Merlin Attractions and you get special car parking privilages, Fast Track entry to rides and special rates for friends.

There are some restrictions on the Standard Pass, these are dates that you cannot use your pass. You can check these out by clicking the link above.


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