Toddler Plod Event @ Gulliver's Theme Parks

Toddler Plod Event @ Gulliver's Theme Parks

Fancy a fun day out for your little ones? For one day only you can get entry to Gulliver's Theme Parks for just £3 each when you take part in the charity sponsored Toddler Plod.

It's held on the 22nd September in all three parks: Warrington, Milton Keynes and Matlock Bath.

You need to book places and there's a £3 entry fee per person, plus you need to raise a minimum of £3 in sponsorship money too.

The park isn't open to the general public on that day, so it's purely for those taking part in the sponsored event.

There's entertainment and activities, then the sponsored plod itself, then there will be time to use selected rides in the park that are suitable for under 5's. Each child taking part will receive a certificate, a commemorative award and a reward pack filled with goodies.

The £3 minimum donations and all money raised in sponsorship will go to the children's charity POD, and you can find out more about the event here*.


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  • Jamie C.

    Aww that looks pretty good but I wouldn't be able to get the time off work :rolling_eyes: x

    • Suzanne L.

      I wanna try this park but not sure if my daughter too old now? Shes 7. What do you think?

      • PlayPennies

        I take my kids to the Warrington one and they're 7 and 3. There's plenty of rides for them both to go on, with some only for the older kids. They have specific rides for the toddlers too. I wouldn't say 7 is too old for the park. :)

        • Suzanne L.

          Thank you x

        • Samantha B.

          Will look at the details now. Sound great x

          • Ryan J.

            Yep, sign us up xxx