Lunch Box Bags From £2.40 Delivered @ Amazon

9 April 2015

Lunch Bags Last summer these bags came up a few times and they were always well received, so we thought we'd get them in early this year  to help you get in to the spirit of summer. They cost £1.40 with a £1 delivery fee, making them just £2.40 delivered.

Being somewhat thrifty and frugal, I normally make family days out cost as little as  possible, but today I quite surpassed myself - we went to the beach, then when the mist rolled in, to a local creek where the kids frolicked in the sunshine and water for hours, till they were mud covered and ready for bed. We packed a breakfast lunch box and then a lunch lunch box and we had an amazing day, where we managed to spend no money. That rarely happens in our family!

These bags are linen, cotton and aluminium with a drawstring closure, and according to reviews, they are rather as lovely as they look.
They do take a while to arrive, apparently, so get them now in time for summer.

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