Kids 2 Person Teepee £17.99 @ Argos

26 July 2010

tent1 Even though you won't catch me in a tent (unless it's a 5 star one a'la those featured in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and then I might consider it!) I can spot a good tent deal when I see one, and this 2 person teepee tent from Argos is just that!

I used to camp you know! Iused to kip out in the garden in my brother's two-man tent and I spent many a camping trip away with the Girl Guides in a 12-girl bell tent!

This 2 person teepee tent reminds me of those Girl Guide days as the shape is very similar, much more interesting than your bog standard square and pointy efforts.

tent2This particular one is in blue camo colours; there is a pink one, if you're after a tent for a girl who's into pink and flatly refuses to sleep under blue, but it's £7 more expensive.

Anyway, back to this one! Argos have reduced it from £49.99 right the way down to £17.99 which is an utter steal, in my opinion! Reading a comment from cRuNcHiE over at HUKD, it's an awesome tent,

"I presume they only call this 'kids' due to the colours. I had one of the brown/creme ones argos do , also 2man, the same size specs as this. Loved it till someone slashed it open at Glasto! For adults you can get 2 in it comfortably, for a festival its really one person plus your stuff realisticly.

Never got wet in it once even with really bad Glasto rain in the past! Recommended!"

So there you have it tent fans! It's great for kids, it's great for adults and it's great for Glasto! What more could you ask for!? (Cheaper home delivery from Argos instead of their £5.95 extortion!)

Thanks to whizzkid over at HUKD!

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