Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: 60,000 More Tickets Go On Sale 22nd November

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: 60,000 More Tickets Go On Sale 22nd November

If you were hoping to see the play Harry Potter and The Cursed Child then you have another chance to grab tickets as the next lot go on sale tomorrow morning. The initial tickets sold out in super fast time, but at 11am on 22nd November a further 60,000 tickets will go on sale so fans can get a chance to see their favourite Harry Potter characters on stage.

The play is showing at the Palace Theatre in London, and the new tickets are for performances from 13 December 2017 to 4 February 2018. Tickets are priced from £15 and there are over 300 tickets for every performance at £20 or less per part.

Tickets will be available on the official website on the link above, or by telephoning the Box Office on (+44) 0330 333 4813. Tickets are limited to a maximum of 6 per transaction.

There's more information on the link above, and that's where booking will open at 11am tomorrow.

Demand is expected to be huge, but if you miss out again this time more ickets will be released is stages again throughout the year.


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  • Claire R.

    I can't believe I'm broke :confounded::confounded:

    • Roisin R.

      Well I think I'm more broke than you right now :cry:

      • Edel D.

        Same boat :sailboat::scream::sob:

        • Claire R.

          This is awful! :dizzy_face:

        • Stacy G.

          OMG... I'd love to see that play!

          • Tasha W.

            Weve both already got tickets :heartpulse:

            • Clare T.

              We've already booked to see it on 5th February next year! Baby Thomas has to stay put until after that xx

              • Tasha W.

                When it was first release last year. It sold out. They must be realeasing more showings. Xx

                • Vicky A.

                  Got that in my diary :thumbsup: thanks lovely xx

                  • Sophie R.

                    Bet they are really expensive :weary:

                    • Erin C.

                      Ah damn wish I wasn't working! I'd definately be trying to get some! Xx

                      • Emma S.

                        We can have a group effort at work again :joy:

                        • Heather T.

                          Mum and dad are primed for ticket release, sam is also ready for 11am. Unfortunately I have a phonics class.... grrrr children preventing me from Harry Potter! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: xx

                          • Amy B.

                            I have mine already dude! 19th July next year a whoop whoop! ... can't go through the stress of being in a virtual queue again it took me all day! :speak_no_evil:

                            • Pauline S.

                              The tickets being released are for dates between Dec 2017 and Feb 2018. And start at £15!

                              • Addie M.

                                This makes me so sad :weary: I'm at work, and sosososo poor

                                • Michelle C.

                                  Oh my god I am on this in the morning xxx

                                  • Sue J.

                                    Hope the system is better prepared to handle demand this time. Last time I was Ina queue of over 160,000 people

                                    • Sean D.

                                      We already have tickets for this from the last batch they released

                                      • Keith H.

                                        Always just in London! Pi** take!!

                                        • Katie L.

                                          Can't afford to go again! X

                                          • Emma J.

                                            It's at the palace theatre in London :pensive:

                                            • Fran B.

                                              I have no money otherwise I'd be on there tomorrow getting them :pensive: