FREE Stick Man Forest Trails (England Only)

FREE Stick Man Forest Trails

If you have ever been on The Gruffalo Trail before then what I am about to say will excite you - there are Stick Man Trails too! If you want to do something really fun and inexpensive this summer then this is for you!

The Stick Man Trails are scattered across England and are completely FREE of charge. Each trail varies depending on where you go - some are one mile long, whilst others are two.

There are 23 venues hosting these trails including Dalby Forest, Whinlatter Forest, Hamsterley Forest, Hicks Lodge and more.

Some of the Forests sell Activity Packs at the Visitor Information Centres for £3. The pack contains a trail leaflet, activity sheets, pencil, crayon and pipe cleaners to make your Stick Man.

Parking charges may apply.

Whenever we do days out like this with the kids, we save ourselves a fortune by taking a picnic or packed lunches.

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  • Louise T.

    What about Scotland!!!!

  • Gillian C.

    Shame none in northern ireland!

  • Nicola S.

    Amazes me how it was a Scottish author that wrote these books yet never any trails in Scotland !!:rage:

    • Cheryl H.

      Annoys the life out of me x

    • Mandy L.

      She's not Scottish though...

    • Melanie B.

      There is a very small Gruffalo trail up in Culloden!

  • Jenny G.

    None in Scotland :disappointed: Jx

  • Kelly J.

    they have one at moors valley xx

  • Cat H.

    , let's take Isobelle and Ivy next week?! Xx

  • Nicola F.

    As usual nothing in scotland :disappointed_relieved::rage:

  • Nat-lee A.

    Took my girls to the one at grizedale forest last week..they loved it and at each point you have little activities to do x

  • Becky T.

    lets go stick man hunting with archie!

    • Steph R.

      Sounds good!

  • Erin J.

    there's none near us :tired_face::rolling_eyes: gutted..she's have love that x

  • Nic A.

    Nothing in Scotland.... AGAIN :unamused:

  • Leanne G.

    we should go the one at guisborough xx

    • Liz G.

      We can do xx

  • Claire B.

    any of these near you? Could be something to do with the kiddies when were up?xx

  • Jayne E.

    Morgann Mather

  • Catherine B.

    would Darcey like this?

    • Hayley B.

      Millie would love this she loves the stick man!!

    • Catherine B.

      Sorry. I didn't know xxx

  • Stacey W.

    do u fancy doing this one day during the hols with the kids? There's one in Ashby. Xxx

    • Lily H.

      Yes defo they love the stick man sounds good! We are away for two weeks from Saturday so will have to see if it's on the week we get back? Xxx

    • Stacey W.

      Yes that sounds good. We are away 15th to 19th as well but should be able to do the last week of the hols. X

  • Lizz C.

    fancy doing this maybe the Tuesday 16th?

    • Louise G.

      Yes where is it?

    • Lizz C.

      No idea haha will

    • Louise G.

      Cumbria?? Cant find one for Delamere :persevere:

    • Lizz C.

      Me either :(

  • Jenny L.

    We keep meaning to go to see dickman :joy:

  • Maria T.

    Lol there's a lot of them out there

  • Chloe O.

    something fun to do x

  • Lyndsey S.

    this is good for a trip next week x

    • Jenny S.

      Sounds good. Joey and Grace will love it x

  • Emily B.

    None in the Midlands/Derbyshire then?

  • Alana F.

    We've done this before!! But it was the gruffalo trail!! Lol!! Xx

  • Kerry F.

    ...there's one at grizedale :smile:

    • Debbie R.

      We need to go x

    • Kerry F.

      Yaaaaay :smile: xx

  • Lynsay M.

    England only :slight_frown::slight_frown:

  • Kayleigh P.

    h would poppy like this??? X

    • Aimeé W.

      Yeah Hun. Xxx

    • Kayleigh P.

      h we should do it one day, next week?? X

    • Aimeé W.

      Yeah defo Hun xx

  • Amanda L.

    Already seen these, just keep forgetting about them! :confused:

  • Shell B.

    something we could all do next week if the weathers good? x

    • Jade T.

      Yeah def Hun x

  • Lesley W.

    Ah forget it. Only in England xx

  • Amanda L.

    Delamere Forest has finished... Cumbria the nearest one now! :slight_frown:

  • Donna W.

    We've done this a while ago. Def b up for doing it again though. Was fab! X

  • Jen H.

    They've got one at Dalby Forest

    • Christopher D.

      We did it a year or two back at Christmas - made our own stick man, followed the trail through the forest until we came across somebody's grotto...

    • Amy A.

      We've done the superworm and the Gruffulo trail. All fab. X

  • Kirsty D.

    maybe we could do this as a day out?? Do u have stick man book??

    • Hollie M.

      No where du get them?

    • Hollie M.

      If I used my brain, id b dangerous x

    • Kirsty D.

      sent u a message on messenger about another place too xx

  • Michelle P.

    Should we not have older children for this?

  • Jenni L.

    Gutted no Scottish ones!!! My wee boy would have loved this :cry: x

  • Frances T.

    Looks good love the stick man

  • Amie B.

    Fab il look into it X

  • Emily G.

    You want to take him?

  • Sheila W.

    Aw none near us of course.

  • Elizabeth O.

    this sounds good for the kiddies xx

  • Claire C.

    No but you can...

  • Laura G.

    Yeah I know :(

  • Helen W.

    will look into this tomorrow, forget entertaining the kids I WANT TO GO!!!! :joy: xx

    • Sandra D.

      The last trail was in exeter somewhere. Not far xx

  • Sandra L.

    You need to come and visit soon as there one about 1 hour away at Cannock Chase.

    • Jenni L.

      We could! It is annoying considering it's written by a Scottish author lol xx

  • Lauren S.

    Is there anything happening recently and in Gloucestershire? The link says 2015 Xmas time?


  • Claire W.

    It's local wahooo Salcey forest x

  • Jane A.

    how gutting none in Scotland :rage:

    • Jane A.

      Awwww that's so cute, I'll do this next time I get the chance x

  • Sophie J.

    This is why I want to go to the forest lol

  • Philippa P.

    there's a trail at Cannock Chase

  • Danielle P.

    have one at Dalby Forest for Izzy?

  • Amy C.

    Ah wicked thanks Aims, I'd have probably trotted to Brentwood haha :wink: xx

  • Amy C.

    - there's one down "my way" xx

  • Jackie B.

    , doyou fancy doing thisone weekend, there's onein Durham

    • Gemma B.

      Yeah that will book good. I saw this yesterday like the look of it.

    • Jackie B.

      Well we will sort something , I'll talk to Graham tonight, its been a while since the five of us have had a day out togethet

  • Jodie F.

    shall we go and take the girls?

    • Jodie F.

      It's at moors valley xxx

  • Brett R.


  • Alex R.

    We have to find nearest trail on link guessing it will b somewhere like salcey

  • Leanne T.

    I love it x

  • Katrina M.

    me too!! Nearest one is about 45 minutes away but we could go one Sunday? X

  • Leanne T.

    Look at my bloody garden!!! Xx

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