(Expired) Diggerland Tickets for 11p!

Diggerland Tickets for 11p!

EDIT: 11p tickets are sold out

Fancy a trip to Diggerland next weekend? In respond to the Thorpe Park 12p ticket offer Diggerland have decided to go one better and offer tickets for 11p!

Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday 15th March at 10am and are for the following weekend of Saturday 19th March or Sunday 20th March only.

The terms seem fairly straightforward, you just click on the link to purchase your tickets at 10am next Tuesday, pay for them, and print off your confirmation and take that to the park.

There's a maximum of six tickets per transaction, numbers are limited, and they are being sold on a first come first served basis.

Each park will have 468 tickets available (234 tickets per day). Tickets cannot be transferred to another park or for another day, so make sure you pick the correct park and day, as tickets are non-refundable.

Sound good? Click here to find out more about the Diggerland parks before you join the scramble for tickets next week. Good luck!

Thanks to kb1921

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  • Shellrodgers

    these offers are amazing! 

    • admin

      They really are aren't they Shell? So good for families! And thanks for the feedback, much appreciated xx

  • mackenzie

    amazing money saving offers

  • KellyD

    The link above is not working :(

  • Brogan

    This think don't even work joke 

  • Sandy

    it's a joke u can't even book a ticket as won't allow u to go any further then this page !!!! So annoying 

    • alexa09

      I've been, trying for the last hour page won't load it's disgusting offering these tickets which are clearly unavailable

  • Lsmith65

    I totally agree with the complaints on here! I was wanting to take my 6 grandkids & their parents on a day out; I saw this and thought it was perfect as we are all on low income.

    I am absolutely disgusted; yesterday the site had a button under the big red tickets for 11p image to press for the tickets. However, this disappeared hours before the general release time of 10:00. My husband, my children and myself all tried accessing the page before 10:00 but we all kept getting the same issue. We tried on laptops and our phones but the page was not available. 

    I am so upset that we missed out on this deal because of the inefficiency of the Diggerland page; there was no clear instructions on the website and the links were broken before the general release time. Perhaps this was just a con. 

  • admin

    Sorry to hear about the issues some of you have experienced :( It looks like the 11p tickets were very popular and the site struggled to keep up with the demand.

    • Julieann

      That is wrong because i tried it just before 10.00 and the purchase button had disappeared since last night absolutely disgusting

  • Hannahdknight

    did anyone actually purcase the digger land tickets for 11p? As the website crashed and it seems like everyone I have spoke to haven't managed to get tickets, no wonder they can sell tickets for 11p if you can't get on to buy them!!!

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