Children's Superhero Photoshoot Gift Experience £25 @ Very

Children's Superhero Photoshoot £25 Very

I have a house full of boys... I love them all dearly, but I always feel outnumbered. Sometimes you just have to resign yourself to the fact that they just aren't interested in pink fluffy things and sequins like I am. In fact, I was a bit like them as a child. We are a house of Superhero lovers... so when I saw that Very had reduced the Virgin Gift Experiences: Children's Superhero Photoshoot from £99 to just £25, I just lost it. They would die for this, and I would be left with awesome pictures to put around our home. Let me make this clear... this is a fantastic present for a little boy or girl!

If you have been longing to get the kids' photos taken but they are less than keen, then this is the solution. With the Virgin Gift Experiences: Children's Superhero Photoshoot, your child gets to dress up as Spider-Man, Superman and the likes and you get some beautiful photos.

You can bring along your child's favourite Superhero outfit or loan on at the photography studio.

It's your choice when it comes to the different fantasy backgrounds, with scenes of Paris and New York skylines, your guarantee an impressive shot of your own little Superhero.

Here's what you can expect with this £25 Virgin Gift Experience: a professional superhero photoshoot in a studio setting. A selection of superhero capes and masks. You get to keep ONE 7.5" x 5" image to remember your day but I am sure they would let you purchase extras if need be.

It's aimed at children aged 3 to 8 years old but there's no official age limit although I am not sure how they would feel if my hubby turned up wearing his Batman onesie!

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