Vtech Media Desktop Computer £37.49 @ Argos

8 August 2010

vtech For those back to school preparations, nothing is as brilliant as a piece of technology that’s been designed to help your kids learn and discover their world. This VTech computer includes over 60 games and activities that are brilliant for helping your kids perfect the skills they are learning at school.

The Vtech Media Desktop Computer has quite a few brilliant features and the activities include English, French, maths, science and social skills. I must admit to pausing for a moment on the “social skills” bit. Do those now have to be taught with a computer?

The computer can connect to the internet via a PC or you can plug in an MP3 player to listen to music while playing games. On Planet VTech you also get to download additional games and activities, or you can play online.

The computer includes a QWERTY keyboard, mouse and mouse pad, is designed for kids 6 years plus and needs batteries. imagesCAYSMZ3WHowever, in spite of all these features I think that the shocking screen makes this a bit of a shaky buy.

Why they would put gigantic speakers on this machine instead of a decently sizes screen is beyond me. I wouldn’t buy this, I’d rather get a real PC, but this may be something you’d enjoy.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD!

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