Tomy Discovery Dome Deluxe Review

There are two undeniable facts about the Tomy Discovery Dome Deluxe – it’s fantastic, and it’s expensive.

At over £50, it’s not a cheap toy, but then, it’s not just a toy either – it’s at least four toys in one and is suitable for a good range of ages.

First, it’s a playhouse and it’s a great size for indoor play as you can just about fit a toddler inside, but wouldn’t be able to fit more than one at a squeeze. It is made of material and plastic so it’s fine for outdoor use, but couldn’t really live outside as it would get ruined pretty quickly.

Apart from the  entrance, it has three other ‘walls’ and each wall is stuffed with activities that are supposed to teach a child colours, numbers and shapes. There’s an ‘entrance bell’ for when they climb in and out of the dome, and a plastic mesh ‘roof’ so that you can see inside from the top if you need to. The four corners have large paws to keep the play dome steady, which for all intents and purposes, it is.

Activities include a ball that you pop in the top cup on one of the walls and it runs down a slide type thing running inside and outside the tent until it comes to a stop at the bottom on the outside. Another is a ‘helter skelter’ ball on the back wall that’s basically a large noisy thing and the littlies love it.

There’s also a set of shaped sorting keys.

The Tomy Discovery Dome Deluxe is bright, colourful, and stands up to a bit of rough and tumble. It’s great for one child to play with alone, and equally great for play dates and so on as everyone can play together and interact with it and each other.

It’s suitable from 1 – 3 years, but I’ve even seen five year old’s having fun with especially the ball and tunnel activities, so while I do think it’s pricy, it’s one of those things that I think is a pretty good investment, especially as it packs up pretty compactly and can be stored under the bed or behind the sofa.


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