MoshiMoshiKawaii Strawberry Princess Moshi Review

7 September 2011


Have you ever heard of MoshiMoshiKawaii? Perhaps you’ve heard about Moshi Monsters? Well, much to my surprise I discovered that they are NOT one and the same. In fact, a search for Moshi revealed that there is even a village with a population of 175000 living at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Who knew!

Fortunately for me, the book I am reviewing here was not located at the bottom of a cold mountain. MoshiMoshiKawaii Where is Strawberry Princess Moshi?, is a book designed for kids aged five and up and is a variation on the whole Where’s Wally? thing.

The book is quite big – you’re looking at a little bit smaller than A3 here – and very brightly coloured. It’s packed with pictures of these little, um, thingies that are dressed in a variety of different outfits. Each page has a series of characters to find, some other secret items, plus additional characters at the end of the book to keep the experience going for longer.

Each page has a story, not a long one mind, but a cute one. You read the story, it sets the scene, and then you hunt down your Moshi. The Moshi characters in here include Strawberry Princess Moshi, Cinderella Moshi and Snow White Moshi. And if you look carefully, you’ll find Sleeping Beauty Moshi snoozing away on every page.

This has some really good educational potential too. My daughter has become adept at focusing on the page and really paying attention to things hidden on it, and she can remember where things are hidden much, much later. You can expand on the game by asking them to find additional Moshi’s, and they are too cute for words.

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