The Mediband Back To School Review

13 August 2010


Part of the back to school madness for many parents is trying to find a way of protecting their children if they have allergies or medical conditions. With so many children clamouring for attention it can be a bit daunting for parents who know that even a whiff of a nut could send their child into anaphylactic shock.

DSC_7612I was very pleased when Mediband offered PlayPennies some samples for review because their range of medical ID devices are bright, clear and very obvious. We asked Mediband to send their products on to our mum, Kimberly, who’s son is allergic to milk, penicillin and dogs.

First, a bit of background about the product. These Mediband bracelets are for both children and adults with specific allergies and food intolerances, as well as medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and epilepsy.

You can also customise your bands to include your telephone numbers or to be reversible if you want to keep your information somewhat private. The bangles come in a range of sizes, styles, and colours so kids should love the fact that they can pick and choose their own funky alerts.

asthmaThe bright colours are really good because they stand out and alert people quickly”, said Kimberly, “I love the fact that I can write as many allergies as my son has on the band, without taking up all the space on the outside.”

She also appreciated the fact that the bands came in a range of different colours.

I think that the different colours are a big deal for children,” she said, “My son wouldn’t wear one of these if it was red because his favourite colours are blue and green. He’s very touchy about that sort of thing so it’s nice to know that he has choice.”

However, possibly due to the fact that Kimberly and her son didn’t go in to get their Mediband personally, there was a problem with the sizing.

2102The band we received was just too big for my son, it just slipped off him!” she said, “I even tried it on and it was far too big for me too.”

This really does just serve to highlight that you must do accurate measurements before you buy your Mediband. It would be tragic if it fell off while they were at school.

“I think that they are a great idea, especially the multi-space one with a pressed strap. You can fit so many different conditions on there and really that does make a big difference,”  said Kimberly, “Also, I think that they are very bright and vivid enough to alert people to his conditions.”

Overall Kimberly gave the Medibands a rocking review. Her only complaints were that they were too big but I think that was more due to review product issues than to the range itself. They cost a mere £2.08 to £1.35 depending on the size of your order.

And Finally

Bee_StingWhen the cost of a funky, personalised medical alert is less than £5 and saves your child’s life, you can’t help but think it’s a total winner. Bright colours and styles mean that kids are less likely to hate them or refuse to put them on because they can adjust them to suit their own little tastes. Brillaint for back to school safety and security.

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