The Linkee Review

I love board games. Adore them. As I get older I get a bit sad as I try game after game and they disappoint due to long winded game play (parents fall asleep before they can finish) or being just plain boring or stupid. When Linkee arrived* on my doorstep I wasn’t very excited.

Linkee is just one long box with cards in it. There is also paper and pens. This immediately had most of the people I’d dragged in to test the game going, “Urgh, no, I don’t WANT to draw!!” Fortunately for all of us, this does not happen in Linkee and the game becomes more entertaining as time goes by.

The premise is simple. A Question Master reads out four questions. The participants, who can be in teams, then write their answers down. They now need to find a common thread, or link if you will, in these answers to come up with the Linkee. One chain had Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles as two clues and the Linkee was “Blind Singers”. See?

Initially everyone was a bit half hearted. I’d hauled in my brother and sister in-law, my niece, my other brother-in-law, my mother-in-law (what tells you I was visiting the in-laws?) and my husband. My child was building Lego at my feet. They all sort of played along until suddenly something clicked. And that is always the mark of a good game. Suddenly everyone perked up, sat up and started playing in earnest. Different teams were soon yelling out LINKEE (as you must) in order to win the card I held in my hand. It got fevered and fun and everyone had a ball.

The game costs £19.99, takes about three minutes to learn, 30 minutes to play, and can be played with 2 players and up. Ideally you want a crowd. The questions have been crowd-sourced and if you come up with a Linkee of your own you can submit it to them for inclusion in the game. It gets 9/10 for being seven shades of cool. It loses a point for being very expensive.

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