Jolly Phonics Wall Frieze £4.60 @ Amazon

frieze This wall frieze would be an ideal companion to the earlier Jolly Phonics songs deal that Tamsin found for you today!

I have lots of post-its on my office wall with lists of all the things I need to do for different clients; it keeps things in the forefront of my mind and there's a lot of satisfaction in pulling them off the wall when that job is complete.

Now obviously I'm not recommending that you pull the frieze letters off the wall when they are learned but I AM a big advocate of having things like this stuck on the wall, all of my children have responded very well to this way of learning.

Books are wonderful but they get closed, put back on the shelf and 'forgotten' until the next time they are opened.  With wallk friezes the information never goes away so even a quick glance at it whilst doing other things, like doing battle getting dressed, can provide an opportunity for learning (and distraction whilst you finally get those socks on feet!).

The Jolly Phonics wall frieze shows the 42 main letter sounds not just the alphabet and there are 7 sections which can be put together or one by one; they can be a continuous strip around the wall or a giant poster

Each section measures 245mm (10") high, and either 1.38m or 1.27m (50" or 54") long with a total length of 9.33m (30' 6"); MONSTER!

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!

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