You Can Now Buy An Avocado Easter Egg @ Waitrose

You Can Now Buy An Avocado Easter Egg @ Waitrose

Avocado fans behold, you can now get your hands on your very own Avocado Easter Egg courtesy of Waitrose!

Easter Sunday is on the 1st of April this year, and no this isn't an April Fool's prank, you really can buy an Avocado Easter Egg and it's only £8!

The Waitrose Chocolate Avocado comes in a 70% Cocoa Belgian Dark Chocolate shell, which opens to smooth white chocolate with natural green colouring to look like the avocado flesh. There is even a cocoa dusted 'stone' in the middle.

But don't worry chocolate fans, despite looking just like a giant avocado, the egg is actually made using 100% chocolate, there's no avocado flavouring, just pure chocolate!

The new Waitrose Chocolate Avocado is available in Waitrose branches nationwide and online, from 19th February, priced at £8 (250g).


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  • Natasha T.

    your the first person I thought of :joy:

  • Tracy H.

    Omg YES !

    • Sam S.

      for jade :joy::joy::joy: xx

      • Joanna T.

        Hahah omg I will send this to her she’s not on fb anymore :joy::joy:

      • Julie C.

        I think I’d rather have the

        • Kate C.

          I thought that!!!! And me!!!

          • Julie C.

            With a lovely poached egg on top! :yum:

            • Ashley C.

              This totally makes it healthy right? Xxx

              • Clare H.

                I think I'd be disappointed that it wasn't avocado :joy:

                • Nicola S.

                  I was just thinking that actually!!!

                  • Angela S.


                    • Julie C.

                      Might have to have it in the morning now :smile:

                      • Kate C.

                        We’ve got no freaking avocados

                        • Caitlin M.

                          The only avocado I’d actually eat :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

                          • Viki F.

                            Guac- a mole. Guac- guac- a mole

                            • Samantha A.

                              That’s just plain wrong!! :thinking: I want chocolate that looks like chocolate :chocolate_bar::joy::joy:

                              • Amy S.

                                Oooh where can we buy them?

                                • Nia W.

                                  I’ve already asked Alec for it :joy::joy:. You can eat this one! You won’t get hives :joy:haha xxxx

                                  • Gemma W.

                                    I think the Easter bunny might bring you this one :yum:

                                    • Robin F.

                                      Avocados till I die!!!!! :punch::punch::punch:

                                      • Lissa A.

                                        Look yummy wud rather real avocado though. :see_no_evil::joy::see_no_evil::joy:xx