Top Easter Egg Supermarket Deals 2017

Top Easter Egg Supermarket Deals 2017

Want to know where the best supermarket deals for Easter Eggs are? You have come to the right place!

We will be checking all the best deals on those chocolate treats for Easter to save you trawling round the shops and checking the prices.

This page will be updated regularly so you can be sure you are getting the best offers on Easter Eggs this year as the stores start their price wars.

Here's the best of what's on offer right now:


Tesco*have the best offer on those Extra Large Easter Eggs* if you want something really big, as they're on offer at 2 for £10 making them the best price around.

Tesco also have an offer some exclusive eggs above at 2 for £6*, rather than the regular £4 each. They also have Large Easter Eggs* on a 3 for £10 offer, to match Asda and Morrisons.


Asda*have just launched a 3 for £10* offer on Large Easter Eggs, and that includes some of the luxury brands too like Lindt, Guylian, Thorntons and more, as well as the Large Eggs from Cadbury and Children's Eggs with gifts like the Kinder Surprise Egg* or the Paw Patrol Easter Gift Set*.


Sainsbury's* always do a great offer on their own brand Sainsbury's Easter Eggs* with their prices dropping lower as you get closer towards the Easter weekend. They have now dropped down from £1 each to just 80p each which is a great price considering their size!


Morrisons* have just launched a 3 for £10 on Large Easter Eggs* offer, and that even includes the Pot Noodle Egg*! Morrisons are also the supermarket that gave us our first unicorn chocolate, and Sparkles The Chocolate Unicorn* is back for a second year!


Thorntons* have a 5 for £20 offer already live on their Large Easter Eggs, and what's even better is that you can get those personalised for free as well! That's cracking value when they are usually £7 each! Thorntons often do a 20% offer on their Easter Gifts as well, so we'll let you know if that happens this Easter.


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  • Laura M.

    i need to go tesco :joy::joy:

    • Leanne C.

      I would eat em all haha x

      • Laura M.

        Me too sat well get box each :joy::joy:

        • Leanne C.

          Yesss hah x

        • Sian H.

          :flushed::flushed: I need to get myself to Tesco!!! :heart_eyes:

          • Tasha F.

            Ffs I bought two boxes yesterday for £2 each :sob:

            • Gemma H.

              10 for £2? Are my eyes deceiving me? Lol xx

              • Graham M.

                Yes please thankyou lol xx

                • Sarah D.

                  Yummy! I'm just off to Tesco too! Thanks chick xxx

                  • Sonia W.

                    Omg why am I on a diet haha

                    • Debbie D.

                      And I did my shopping yesterday :(

                      • Stacey M.

                        Haha ok. I like anything chocolate :joy:

                        • Kathleen C.

                          Got a pack today :joy::weary:

                          • Neil W.

                            Chilli chocolate is nice. Pot Noodles themselves are an abomination

                            • Gareth A.

                              Ill make sure i get sum lol

                              • Michaela V.

                                Wonder if there's a limit

                                • Lauren W.

                                  Hope it's not limited, I need 10 so will have to buy 12 :sweat_smile:

                                  • Catherine K.

                                    Just thinking if I did an online shop tonight and order them for tomorrow would that work? They only charge you on the day you get your shopping don't they?

                                    • Clare L.

                                      Been waiting for it to start. Lol. X

                                      • Kerry W.

                                        I'm gonna get mine on Tuesday when I'm back to work!

                                        • Sherry M.

                                          Thanks hun will do for the niece and nephews xx

                                          • Ali S.

                                            Think I'll be there on Monday :grin:

                                            • Joanne S.

                                              Thank u I'll need to get some on Friday :smiley: