Prepare Yourself - Solid Easter Eggs Exist!

Solid Easter Eggs Exist!

As a chocoholic, I an a MASSIVE fan of Easter. My birthday is even during Easter Weekend this year. Now, these thin Easter Egg Shells just don't cut it for a Choco-addict like me, so I am real giddy about discovering these SOLID EASTER EGGS! Yup, no messing about here, they are chunky Chocolate all the way through.

These Solid Easter Eggs are the invention of The Solid Easter Egg Company (seems logical) and they come in 5 Varieties... White, Dark, Milk, Caramel Milk, and Columbian.

Wait 'til you hear how much each Egg weighs... a whopping 750g. Oh baby, get in me!

How do you eat them if they are solid? The Eggs are made up into 42 bitesize chunks.

Standing at 14cm tall, you will understand that these are going to cost significantly more than you standard supermarket Easter Egg - they are £24.99 each.

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  • Holly P.

    Wow!!! :open_mouth: I'm getting all 5!!!!

  • Holly P.

    :credit_card::pound: £125 for all of them....might have to do a few more days at work haha!

  • David P.

    That's my jam right there!

  • Lee B.

    £25 do you really want one

  • Emma W.

    For only 750g of chocolate! Expensive.

  • Jenny A.

    I think I can think of better things to spend nearly £30 on

  • Emma P.

    They're £25! I'll get you £25 of dairy milk, you'll get more chocolate :joy: x

  • Chris R.

    Could prob make one for less

  • Penny F.

    Yum!! Is the orange one chocolate orange I wonder? :yum::yum:xx

  • Kellie E.

    They can keep it for £25.00!!!!

  • Cara O.

    Good idea the kids cant steal lol xx

  • Kelly K.

    Or it could keep them quiet aaaaaaaaalllll day :joy: xx

  • Shannon T.

    Bet I could tackle that bad boy

  • Craig R.

    She spends enough of my money so i don't need you giving her other ideas!!!

  • Michael O.

    Iv already told her too hahahahaha

  • Steph R.

    Omg that would take ages to eat, although I’m sure Gogz would get through one in a night:see_no_evil::joy::joy:

  • Vicky C.

    It’ll be Lola spending your money soon!!!

  • Marcus J.


  • Rosie D.

    I’ve still not seen a crisp one!! :joy: xxx

  • Bill S.

    Do they say easter on the box if not I wouldn't buy if I was spending someone else's money

  • Kenzie B.

    I can't wait for Easter egg season :weary::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy:

  • Luke W.

    Nah I tried to make my own but it didn't work and put me off it

  • Laura F.

    Mmmm you can’t beat a Cadbury’s hollow one for me xx

  • Stephanie M.

    They are £30 so you’d expect them to be about 5kg

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