Playmobil Easter Eggs £6.99 @ Amazon

Playmobil Easter Eggs £6.99

If you are looking for an alternative to chocolate Easter eggs then there are lots of other eggs to choose from these days, and the Playmobil ones are really popular. There are lots of different ones to choose from to match the different toy themes, and as luck would have it several of them have been reduced in price to £6.99 each, saving £4 on the regular selling price. Some of them also have free delivery too!

In each large brightly coloured egg you get a toy and themed accessories, and that will probably keep the children happier for a lot longer than a chocolate egg would.

Here's the ones that are down to £6.99 @ Amazon:

You can also get two of these for the same price at John Lewis* of that is more convenient for you, and they have stock online of the Pirate and Football Player egg.

There are lots more Playmobil Easter Eggs* for sale at Amazon, but they all have higher prices than the ones above.

The ones that do not have free delivery from seller Frome Toys can be bought from Amazon, so there will be a delivery charge for those unless you are a Prime customer.

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  • Nicola

    TK Maxx are selling them for £4.99 if you can find them.  Only a few in my local (Bletchley) this morning. 

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