NEW Easter White Chocolate Bunnies Yankee Candle

White Chocolate Bunnies Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle have just launched their new Easter range for 2018 - and it includes a White Chocolate Bunnies candle! This might be the one time ever I pay full price for a Yankee Candle as I think this one has my name on it!

As well as the White Chocolate Bunnies Candle* you can also get a Sweet Candies Candle*, and a lovely Easter Gift Set* with votives and a holder for only £9.99.

As well as the official Yankee Candle UK store you can also get the White Chocolate Bunnies* and Sweet Candies* large jar candles for a few pence less at Amazon, though other items like the gift sets are cheaper direct from Yankee Candle.

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  • Jenna B.

    I reallllllllllly want it

  • Lisha H.

    Iv asked my mum for this!! Xxxxxx

  • Jodie E.

    I need this in my life... I might have to ask mumma too :joy: xxxxxx the Mother’s Day ones are cutest!

  • Marie K.

    Omg I need this in my life:heart_eyes:

  • Jo T.

    I saw this the other day and really want it it smells beautiful xxx

  • Polly B.

    Oh I hope that smells like i want it too x

  • Georgialee T.

    Ooooo I bet that would smell soooo goood! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Polly B.

    Need to find it for a smell x

  • Cathryn F.

    Mother's day or Easter are nearly here lol xx

  • Joanna-marie B.

    Got one it's not very strong but lovely if u like a suttle sweet smell

  • Aleasha U.

    I’d be hungry allllllll the time :joy::joy::joy:

  • Stacey B.

    Its not strong but its nicey xx

  • Stephanie N.

    It smells nice cold but I haven't burned that one before x

  • Nicola S.

    I dunt like smell of white chocolate lol x

  • Elaine L.

    Oh thank you, I like the sound of that one! Just don’t tell Iain :joy:

  • Karlie D.

    I want this soooo bad :heart_eyes:

  • Alexandria B.

    I need this for my collection!! :joy::ok_hand_tone2:

  • Louisa E.

    :heart_eyes: OMG this looks lush! Xx

  • Anna B.

    Bet that smells amazing xx

  • Samantha V.

    Oh I know I want this one lol x

  • Laura B.

    I hate white chocolate but!

  • Kimberley L.

    I don’t want a chocolate egg this year! I want this :heart_eyes:

  • Kerry G.

    omg I'd wanna eat it...... addicted to yankie candles xx

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