Morrisons Sells Chocolate Unicorns For Easter!

Morrisons Sells Chocolate Unicorns!

Who wants a regular old chocolate egg for Easter when you can get a chocolate unicorn? This one is called Sparkles and she is being sold by Morrisons as part of their Easter range of treats.

She is 250g of milk chocolate, and costs £4 and she is the prettiest Easter treat around by far.

If your little one isn't a fan of unicorns (and why wouldn't they be?) there is also an extremely cute dinosaur called Roary*, also £4. Morrisons also sell a chocolate cow called Buttercup* and a sheep called Curly* for £2, so you can have a regular little petting zoo if you wish.

Will you be able to take a chunk out of poor Sparkles though? Surely not while she is looking at you with those big soppy eyes? Sod it, chocolate is chocolate. :)

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