Medium Easter Egg + Mug £2 (was £4) @ Tesco

Easter Eggs With Mugs £2 (was £4) @ Tesco

Tesco are really going for it with the Easter Egg deals right now! As well as the half price large Easter eggs they also have these Medium Easter Eggs with Mugs down to half price, making them just £2 rather than £4!

There are five to choose from, and each contains a medium Easter egg, plus extra chocolate bars or bag, and a matching mug.

Here's what's on offer online for £2 each:

This offer is both online and in stores from today until 6th March, so it's one week only, and is while stocks last.

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  • Rachel T.

    These are what I'm gonna get

  • Jayne T.

    This is what I'm going Tesco for tomorrow

  • Kimberley H.

    I got the ones without cups today for the boys.. Jake really wanted a golden egg one

  • Emma W.

    I’ve already brought some lolx

  • Kimberley H.

    I’ve brought them one today, I got golden egg and malteaser ones.

  • Sarah D.

    Use the mug for a cuppa while stuffing the chocolate win win :joy::thumbsup_tone2:

  • Sarah D.

    Seriously though I am buying chocolate for Easter & I won’t have any bloody left in a months time :rolling_eyes::pig:

  • Athena J.

    And a kit kat one as well!

  • Rachel B.

    No chance getting to Tesco in this weather

  • Lucy L.

    went to tesco today and got some half price :ok_hand: £2 xx

  • Mandy B.

    Only because no one can buy them!! Lol

  • Dave G.

    U wanna go to Tesco for Me? Lol

  • Margaret B.

    I really should have bought some eggs last week from tesco

  • Sarah M.

    No lol im buying no more lol

  • Emily T.

    I swear everyone has one of those mugs :joy:

  • Alison F.

    I will try and find a way lol x

  • Alison F.

    For getting what chocolate tastes like x

  • Sandra B.

    Doesn't say Easter eggs on box tho does it could be owt

  • Jenny C.

    Not in this snow! :joy::joy:

  • Jenny C.

    Well u go tomoz after work or on ur break - if u can get either way without skates :joy:

  • Laura D.

    I will check where chloe is aswell in the morning

  • Dave G.

    Yea coz I’m gonna go at like 11pm lol

  • Kate R.

    Might go look tomorrow depending on weather x

  • Jenny C.

    Best time to go when it's quiet

  • Lucy L.

    im getting the £5 one thats it :joy: x

  • Catherine N.

    I already have your egg!!!

  • Natalie H.

    That's well good we shud go x

  • Denise C.

    Yh I’ll have to have a look

  • Shauna G.

    Never ever went over the day lol couldn't have been bothered

  • Kirstie D.

    All the large ones r on sale to £2 x

  • Hayley D.

    Tesco done loads of good deals this year x

  • Vic H.

    Il have toffee crisp thanksssss :rabbit::rabbit:

  • Kirstie D.

    I get free delivery as Iam a saver member x x

  • Sarah M.

    Iam going go at weekend I think

  • Jessica B.

    Mini eggs and creme eggs :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Breeze P.

    I wanna.go tesco at the willow brook center they've got a wicked kids clothes range there x

  • Samantha R.

    We ain’t getting to Tesco’s for a couple of days :joy:

  • Michelle W.

    I know it's good but I don't need mugs xxx

  • Karen M.

    Got some need to get more but weather stopping me ha ha think i can open my own shop with eggs xx

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