LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Bunny £9.99 @ Lego Shop

LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Bunny £9.99 @ Lego Shop

Last year I tried and failed to get hold of the Lego Easter Chick for my kids as they kept selling out immediately, so I'm not making the same mistake this year! New in at The Lego Shop is this awesome LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Bunny, so I'm off to get my order in now!

This fab bunny would be a perfect Easter Gift, with his cute face and his enormous ears that you can move!

The set comes with loads of little extras like a carrot and bucket, Easter eggs and flowers, and the bunny stands on a buildable collector's baseplate with a seasonal calendar so you can display it with pride once it's built.

This set has 126 pieces and it's suitable for kids aged 10+, but that refers to the difficulty of the build rather than anything to do with safety, so younger children will need some help putting it together.

The set is £9.99, and that's the full retail price, but so far no other store is selling them, and they're not likely to go on offer as they will probably sell out even at full RRP! So get yours quick before they go!


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  • Kellie G.

    miss isobel would love this

    • Lashana J.

      :heart_eyes: oh I must keep a wee eye out for this

      • Lyndsay W.

        I've just ordered dale one lol

        • Catherine E.

          Class wee women would love that

          • Stewart K.

            It’s my birthday in Apr. Would be a great prezzie. Lol

            • XStephanie S.

              Aww yeah defo gonna get him this xxx

              • Sara M.

                Thanks!! I’ve been waiting for this to come out!!

                • Becca D.

                  Their proper cool like xx

                  • Kirsty W.

                    Saw him :see_no_evil: trying to resist going ott at eater again :joy: x

                    • Laura D.

                      Yes he will love that thank You!

                      • James L.

                        Dam it its for age 10

                        • Alice M.

                          Need to order this for him x

                          • Stacey B.

                            We saw these in the lego shop and some others. Mason liked them lol

                            • Gemma R.

                              Hopefully they will still be in stock on payday x

                              • Leanne H.

                                Will I getting Cody one so do you want me to get beau one cause I will have to give you money for my Avon and you just pay that

                                • Gemma R.

                                  Sounds like a good deal x thank you :grin: x

                                  • Abigail F.

                                    Ooh thankyou! Ordering :heart_eyes:

                                    • Veronica J.

                                      Ooh I’ve seen this. So cute !!!! Xxxx

                                      • Ruth M.

                                        Oh wow she’d love it! :heart_eyes: xx

                                        • Lisa S.

                                          Thanks that’s cool, be different to getting an egg x