FREE Easter Egg Hunt With Lego Prize In Lego Shops

FREE Easter Egg Hunt With Lego Prize In Lego Shops

If your kids love Lego then you are going to want to pop down to your nearest store so that they can take part in the FREE Lego Easter Egg Hunt. It starts today 16th March and runs until 30th March and is in official Lego Shops only.

All you have to do is go to your nearest store and ask an advisor if your child can take part, you find the hidden eggs around the store and then when you have found them all you hand in your answers to the staff and collect a prize.

Although they don't state what the prize is I would speculate that it might be something like a free Lego poster or sheet of stickers, as I remember my son getting those when he took part on a treasure hunt in stores a while back, but that's just a guess I'm afraid.

If you do buy anything while you are in store remember that there are three different free gifts with purchase to collect as well so you could come away with quite a haul!


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