Easter Egg Hunt Set £1 @ The Works

Easter Egg Hunt Set £1

Thinking of doing an Easter Egg Hunt this year with the kids? This Easter Egg Hunt Set gives you everything you need to make a real game of it, and it's only £1 at The Works!

To make your own egg hunt with this set children simply choose an animal mask and tie on the elastic. Then they can glue their basket together, pop their name on it and follow the animal signs to help them find all the eggs with your animal on. The one who finds all of their eggs first wins!

In this set you get 4 animal masks, 4 baskets, 6 pointers and 16 card Easter eggs, so they're finding the card eggs rather than chocolate ones, though you could always give a chocolate egg as the prize at the end as well.

You can't get an awful lot for £1 these days, and this looks like great value for money and lots of fun, so I'm definitely picking one up to have a fun Easter Egg Hunt with my kids this year.

Click and collect is free, home delivery costs £2.99 or is free when you spend £20 or more.

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  • Emma C.

    family Easter egg hunt!!

  • Annaliese G.

    maybe good for playgroup

  • Lucy R.

    2.99 delivery .. shall I order some??

  • Lucy R.

    Let's get mark on board .book the magician .I look in £1 shop tommow x

  • Sara M.

    Fab, I’ll have another look! Xx

  • Diane L.

    I know you always do 1 xx

  • Gemma P.

    although I imagine you have prob still got lots of bits.

    • Jo S.

      Will double check the garage... good to know. Thank you

  • Michelle P.

    The works on Thursday! xx

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