Easter Dog Accessories From £1.99 @ B&M

Easter Dog Accessories From £1.99 @ B&M

Oh my, cuteness overload! Easter is only a week away now and if you have a dog at home then you need to pop straight over to your closest B&M and stock up on these Easter Pet Accessories!

There's everything from a doggy Easter Egg to Easter costumes for your pooch, bunny ears and lots more!

Here are a few of my favourite Easter accessories for your pooch:

I just love the Easter Bunny Ears, whether my 5 month old puppy would keep them on is another thing but my gosh they are cute!

As you know B&M don't sell online so you will find these fab pet accessories instore only. It might be worth ringing your local store to see if they have any in stock if you are planning on making a special trip.


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  • Alexandra H.

    inka needs a chicken costume! x

    • Jess A.

      Omg I love them:heart_eyes::joy:

      • Alexandra H.

        He could join the duck squad waddling around the yard! x

        • Jess A.

          He'd look super cute haha x

        • Beth P.

          morty would rock the duck suit :joy:

          • Amanda B.

            Yes yes he would

            • Amanda B.

              Know where I'm gonna go before Easter

            • Lynsey S.

              :joy::ok_hand_tone2: Defo need to get a wee something

              • Sam H.

                I think Cleo would hate us for ever :joy::joy:

                • Cara W.

                  omg the chihuhua een is soo cute! xx

                  • Sarah C.

                    A Ken can just imagine Roxi :heart_eyes:

                    • Karen H.

                      Already got her a bunny outfit ! X

                      • Eleanor M.

                        Kody getting the Easter chick outfit:joy::hatched_chick:

                        • Sian L.

                          She's deffo getting that rabbit suit!!

                          • Mandy R.

                            Oh I love the chick outfit! :heart_eyes: Already bought her some Easter treats for her to open on Sunday :slight_smile::slight_smile:

                            • Rosa M.

                              Stanley wants to he a chick :hatching_chick::joy:

                              • Samantha W.

                                I can see jake dressed as a chick x

                                • Skye W.

                                  :scream::scream: Bear will be having a little shop! :heart_eyes::hatched_chick: xx

                                  • Samantha W.

                                    Lol I will have to get them an egg!

                                    • Laura H.

                                      She'd make a cute chick :hatched_chick::joy::joy:xx

                                      • Sandra S.

                                        I can never get a outfit big enough for my pooches :( but they will have an egg this year :) might even stretch to a squeaky toy if they stay out my flower beds :joy:

                                        • Morgan H.

                                          hahaha i need that chicken outfit :joy::joy::heart_eyes_cat:

                                          • Rachel S.

                                            Ha she's got an Easter egg