Creme Egg Marshmallows @ The Naked Marshmallow Co

Creme Egg Marshmallows @ The Naked Marshmallow Co

Sorry can't type, too busy choking on my drool! OMG Creme Egg Marshmallows! I am not joking. Those geniuses at The Naked Marshmallow Co have created the ultimate confectionery combination. How much are they? £5.95 a bag - Here's £12, I will take two bags, hoof them both and not feel one ounce of guilt.

The Creme Egg Marshmallows are Vanilla flavoured and have huge chunks of Creme Egg embedded in them. Each pack contains at least 40g of Creme Egg chocolate and fondant - OM NOM NOM!

IMPORTANT! Stock up now as these Creme Egg marshmallows are strictly limited edition and are only available until April 2018 only and stock will probably sell out completely before then.

Delivery is £2.95, or FREE when you spend £30+!


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