Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Cottage Kit @ Cadbury Gifts Direct

Make your own Easter Chocolate Cottage for £16
Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Cottage Kit @ Cadbury Gifts Direct

Now this Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Cottage Kit looks like the perfect excuse to dust off the baking apron and get to work. I mean a cottage made out of chocolate, I'm totally there for this.

The Easter Cottage is a twist on the Cadbury Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage that Cadbury release in the festive season. It's normally a sell out and we expect the same to happen with the Easter version, especially with us being in lockdown with the little ones and everyone looking for ways to keep them entertained!

But this one includes Mini Eggs for decorations and the roof is made from the Dairy Milk spring bar, featuring tiny white chocolate bunnies. The kit includes Dairy Milk Bars, Dairy Milk Sping Bar, Mini Eggs and Cadbury white buttons.

Contained inside a novelty house shaped gift box, it includes 'all the chocolate components to construct your chocolate cottage'. Instructions on how to make the kit and template are on the box.

Please note, you will need your own icing to complete the design on the front of the box though. The kit doesn't come cheap at £16 but it looks delicious and the novelty factor is a win for me.


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