Up To 30% Off Selected Kindi Kids @ Amazon

Some amazing dolly shaped bargains to be had!
Up To 30% Off Selected Kindi Kids @ Amazon

Got a birthday coming up or do you prefer to buy your kid a toy rather than chocolate for Easter? Whatever your reason, Amazon have some terrific savings on selected Kindi Kids dolls. You can save up to 30% off which is super for these popular toys.

Up To 30% Off Selected Kindi Kids @ Amazon

One of the most popular Kindo Kids toys is theKindi Kids Toddler Doll - Shiver and Shake Rainbow Kate*. Usually you'd expect to pay around the £39.99 mark for this, but on Amazon today it's £27.99 delivered.

Not only do you get the Kindi Kids 10 inch Rainbow Kate doll but also 6 Shopkin accessories - Thermometer, Stethoscope, Blanket, Water Tray, Mini Swab Towel, Spoon, Stickers and 2 AA batteries.

Pick up Rainbow Kate and she will shiver, shake, and she can even talk, burp and fart.

Use the medical equipment to listen to her heartbeat and take her thermometer. Your child will love playing doctors and nurses with this awesome Kindi Kids Doll.

You can find more toy bargains from the Amazon Spring Sale here.


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