My Friend Cayla Doll £12.97 @ Amazon

My Friend Cayla Doll £12.97 @ Amazon

When it came out the My Friend Cayla Doll was the top selling doll in the country, and then it was selling for around it's RRP of £59.99. Since then the price has dropped considerably, and right now it's at it's lowest price ever, just £12.97 at Amazon. That's a crazy 78% off!

This doll is an interactive toy which can answer questions about herself, your child and even general knowledge. She can also play games, and there's a free app for both Android and iOS to get the most out of your doll.

It's fair to say that the reviews are mixed, and if any of those are based on the full selling price of near £60 I would think they would be expecting something very remarkable for that money. The price drop probably reflects that, so if you are thinking of giving it a try then £12.97 is a much more attractive price. Even if the interactive features don't work so well it's a good price of a doll of this size alone.

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