Lammily: The Realistic Doll With Cellulite, Acne & Stretchmarks

Lammily: The Realistic Doll With Cellulite, Acne & Stretchmarks


Do you think that Barbie and other fashion dolls create unrealistic expectations of what a woman should look like? Some people blame Barbie for eating disorders and low self-esteem. What if we gave our daughters a doll that was perhaps a bit more realistic?

Meet Lammily, the doll with the average 19 year old's body proportions. She was created by Nickolay Lamm, an artist from the USA.  You may have seen the images of a "fat" Barbie circulating social media sites like Facebook over the last few months. This was the beginning for Nickolay, to design a doll that shows that "average is beautiful".

Lammily, has proved to be a global sensation, due to her true-to-life presentation. Her hair is much more like human hair, and less like fishing wire. Now, you can get transfers for the Lammily doll, of tattoos, cellulite, stretchmarks, acne and freckles.

Is this doll a much better example of the "average" body? Personally, I see nothing wrong with Barbie. After all, she is a doll. I loved my Barbie dolls, but never ever aspired to be like her.

Which would you rather give to your little girl, a Barbie or a Lammily? Do you think Barbie dolls attribute to body image pressure in teenagers?  We want to know what you think, join the discussion, over on our Facebook page.

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  • cheri25
    I like this doll she looks fab but not the added stickers with acne and stretch marks i think its going a bit too far. My girls would like the stickers with grazes and plasters coz they would be able to play doctors. So they would be great idea.
    • dev82
      The world has gone mad!! I'm pretty sure if we look into the lives of all children affected by eating disorders, they had other things going on in their lives that attributed to their illness and didn't once think ' I want to look like barbie'.