KidKraft Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion Dollhouse & Furniture £129.99 Delivered @ Costco

KidKraft Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion Dollhouse & Furniture £129.99 Delivered @ Costco

Oh my goodness. There are lots of wonderful doll's houses around, but this is something very special indeed. The KidKraft Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion Dollhouse and Furniture is on offer at £129.99 at Costco, and that's a £40 less than the next best price.

This huge dollhouse Mansion stands at over 4 feet (1.2m) wide and nearly 5 feet (1.5m) tall! There's plenty of room for a few friends to play with it at the same time, but you need to make sure you have enough room for it, as it's such a whopper!

Also included with this 4 floored dollhouse are 19 pieces of furniture, an Olaf figurine, light up lamp and light up vanity mirror. It's really detailed with loads of little features and decorations, and it even includes the staircase that Elsa builds during 'Let it Go', a little ice fountain and a light-up vanity mirror in the bedroom furniture.

If you are a Costco member then you get it for the £129.99 price, and that includes home delivery. Non members can still purchase but there's a 5% surcharge, making the price £136.49 including delivery, which is still by far the best price around.

This offer ends on 23rd September and is while stocks last.


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  • Reina B.

    look at this just fab.

    • Christine R.

      It's beautiful but if I get any more I'll have to move out :joy::joy: if Jenna seen this now there would be war

      • Reina B.

        haha go way u could fit 1000 of them in ur house lol.

        • Christine R.

          Go away girl I have enough of a job trying to clean with everything else :joy::joy:. Christmas is going to be fun horses stables keeps omg

          • Reina B.

            oh I remember when em was like dat.

            • Christine R.

              It's our generation stuff now girl and its all fairly big stuff sent John up stairs last night with a kitchen he came down and said Jesus Christ mam what's going on :joy:

              • Reina B.

                haha ur deadly. I was same member Karen givin out to me lol. Not small for long grl spoil them. X

                • Christine R.

                  Oh that's it girl Santa is a great fellow can't wait for this one the girls are really in to the dolls now and all the bits for them

                • Carolyn N.

                  we should go and get this

                  • Shannon A.

                    Aria would love this!

                  • Kirsty F.

                    now this is a dolls house :heart_eyes:

                    • Marie B.

                      Omg she would love that!!

                      • Kirsty F.

                        Who needs a barbie house when u can hav this

                        • Marie B.

                          i will let u n go halves lol

                          • Gemma C.

                            If I don't buy that girl a barbie for her birthday she will have my head on a spear :joy:

                          • Emma C.

                            We got this last year ... If you are getting it give ur self plenty of time to build it took 5 or so hrs :laughing:

                            • Georgie B.

                              :joy::joy::joy:this bring back memory's of me n my dad still building it at 11 Xmas eve.. Deffo give urself a good few hours :clap::clap:

                            • Becky M.

                              olivia needs this for Christmas

                              • Laura L.

                                Oh wow, she really does! X

                              • Rebecca M.

                                princess would love this xx

                                • Adelaide C.

                                  She defo would!! Xx

                                  • Rebecca M.

                                    £129.99 with furniture deliver to Costco xx

                                    • Adelaide C.

                                      That's not actually that bad! lol xx

                                      • Rebecca M.

                                        I know that's what I thought x

                                        • Adelaide C.

                                          Where to put it! :thinking::thinking: lol xx

                                          • Rebecca M.

                                            You could store it in the office when she's in bed and get it out when she's up xx

                                            • Adelaide C.

                                              Nanny just said she might get it! Xx

                                              • Rebecca M.

                                                Oh wow if she does get it. Please video her opening it would love to see her face xx

                                                • Rebecca M.

                                                  Oh and it will take a whole day to put together. If you want I could help :smiley: xx

                                                  • Adelaide C.

                                                    Ofc lol and if Craig can't I might have to ask :see_no_evil: lol xx

                                                    • Rebecca M.

                                                      Ok lol xx

                                                    • Kerryanne S.

                                                      tiegan would love this xx

                                                      • Sue F.

                                                        El would go crazy lol

                                                        • Jemma B.

                                                          think Miss Lillie would love this x

                                                          • Alison U.

                                                            Omg jemma she would. It's gorgeous. Have you seen this xx

                                                          • Jodie A.

                                                            Is this wooden or just plastic? Anyone know

                                                            • Emma C.

                                                              It's wooden even the furniture :)

                                                            • Emily A.

                                                              :joy: ima have a look. Goto think about space aswell x

                                                              • Ross M.

                                                                That's bigger than our house!

                                                                • Rhiannon B.

                                                                  I'm sure Olivia would love this :joy::ok_hand_tone1:

                                                                  • Becci H.

                                                                    Like I've got room for that!! Lol x

                                                                    • Rhiannon B.

                                                                      Massive isn't it...... it could stop at one of the grandparents lol x

                                                                    • Debbie M.

                                                                      layla would love this

                                                                      • Laura F.

                                                                        Oh god yeah she would but hell NO lol xxx

                                                                      • Stacey G.

                                                                        Omg Imogen would love this!! X

                                                                        • Sarah A.

                                                                          This us amazing got our daughter it for her birthday in Jan, best thing we ever bought, does take a while to build though

                                                                          • Emma B.

                                                                            lilly would love this x

                                                                            • Jackie B.

                                                                              Oh definitely she would xx

                                                                            • Mandy M.

                                                                              Whats it made of? X

                                                                              • Clare C.

                                                                                , Tilly would love this xx