Half Price Luxury Manor Doll House (With Code) @ Early Learning Centre

Half Price Luxury Manor Doll House (With Code) @ Early Learning Centre

Want to find a Dolls House that is impressive, but don't want to be spending £££'s? The Luxury Manor Doll House at the ELC is half price when you use promo code UNXE at the checkout. That means instead of paying £160 for it, you'll pay £80 instead.

The Luxury Manor Doll House is wooden and measures over 110cm tall. It features staircases, a balcony, a light up lamp and a flushing toilet. How cool is that?

You also get 10 pieces of furniture with it to add to the detail.

This is a Dolls House that's really quite spectacular, so to get it for just £80 is fantastic. The promo code is valid until the 3rd October or when stocks run out.

Is included in '3 for 2' but it won't let you add three of these. It'll let you have one plus two different toys.

Delivery is FREE but you can Click and Collect from an Early Learning Centre store near you, if you please.


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  • Shannah G.

    I'm after a wood one xx

    • Hyacinth F.

      Thats fantastic. Roll on wednesday until i get paid then! Thank you xx

      • Amee C.

        THANK YOU!! This is the one Ruby really enjoyed playing with in Mothercare. I wanted to get it for her but couldn't bring myself to pay £160. I've just bought it for £80. So happy :grinning::grinning::grinning: xxx

        • Eileen M.

          Is the structure wooden, if its plastic it won't last. xxx

          • Joanne A.

            Guys is this for barbie dolls?

            • Abigail G.

              this for ruby :stuck_out_tongue:

              • Hayley B.

                Oh wow! :heart_eyes::open_mouth:

                • Sarah A.

                  Aww that's great. She would love that. Might get her this for her Xmas

                  • Louise I.

                    this would make eliana's year.

                    • Tom I.

                      Tough, no room for that

                    • Laura W.

                      Does anyone know if these fit barbie dolls xx