Barbie Girl Power Doll £8.99 @ Amazon

Plus there's the Barbie Pet Vet Doll for just £7.99 too!
Barbie Girl Power Doll £8.99 @ Amazon

Barbie was huge when I was growing up, then she took a bit of a battering from Bratz, but now she's bigger than ever. Trust me when I say you can't go wrong getting a kid a Barbie doll for Christmas. This Girl Power Barbie is down to just £8.99 and looks fab for the money.

The Barbie Pet Vet Doll is also a seriously good buy at just £7.99!

Girl Power Barbie Wellness Doll

You don't just get a Barbie doll with the Girl Power Barbie Wellness Doll. Oh no, she comes with oodles of accessories such as a yoga mat, hula hoop, watch, water bottle, protein bar, pink gym bag and an adorable puppy.

With all the bits that come with the doll, this really is more of a play set. As a grown-up Barbie fan, I can tell you that any fan will be delighted to unwrap this come Christmas morning and for under £9 it's incredible value.

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